Summer Transfers Thread




Yeah Bailly seen him


Swap for Ramsey?

Or the Martial dream finally comes alive?


I’d say yes to both.

Martial would be awesome but can’t see a way we land him with Ramsey thrown in or without.


At this point I’d just offer Ramsey to United on a free so they give him ridiculous wages and we get to watch their tailspin continue.



a good start if there is a speck of truth to it


As long as he doesn’t give Pavon’s dad €20m I’m cool with this deal happening.


We had Dicky Law trying to pull strings in South America all these years like an amateur, flogged him, and brought in the chap with the real connections.

Next world class South American import incoming.


Messi’s son? :henry2:


To be fair, Not many South American players arrive in PL directly, so doubt it is worth having a specialist for that zone.


Honestly, Pavon could easily be slotted straight into the XI at RW. He is known for his work rate so that would help Hector too. Mentioned it before but he is very reminiscent of Walcott. Will he surpass Theo’s peak though? We’ll see.


He had a peak?


Banter wise yes most definitely!! :henry2:


Yes, the game against Liverpool in the CL.
Before and after that he was fairly average :grinning:


Couldn’t think of a stronger reason to not sign him then if that’s the case.


This rumour is going to stick forEver, isn’t it.


Why isn’t he interested in younger players?
We already have an old first team, do we really need any more older players.

Oh, of course, they’re cheaper.


It’s a link in the metro. Chill


Hey it’s not just a link in the Metro. They’ve quoted the ever reliable The Sun who ran with it first. Sounds like this ones on lads