Summer Transfers Thread


This is something that has truly started to frustrate me the last few days. You see how much the other top teams get for their fringe talent and then you look at us. It is disgraceful that we’ve conducted business in this way.

£3m for Perez, what was the point of even signing the guy. Its fucking baffling


And what’s messed up is we’re still at it.

We were held over a barrel by Özil and now Ramsey is doing the same thing and why wouldn’t he?

The club should have sat him down and told him before pre-season if he didn’t sign then he would get sold, it HAS to stop somewhere. Seeing us repeating the same mistakes of years gone by is so incredibly frustrating, now we’re in a position where the club is damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t

We give Ramsey 250K plus you could say we’re overpaying especially since he’s prone to breaking down so guaranteed to miss games every season, we wait until January and sell him for £20-25mil and we’ve lost money that could have been reinvested in the starting XI. The club has done an admirable job of actually shifting dead wood but we’re still light years behind the other big clubs in terms of dealing with contracts and receiving decent fees for players sold.


Wage structure?


Tough to do that when the contract negotiator i.e. Wenger is not around.


You’re right.
For a manager and club who constantly used to drone on about “players not meeting with their valuation” and being renowned for being the most tight fisted in Europe, the Perez signing was baffling.

He was signed for 17m, as well as earning around 5m in wages a season, and has played around 270 minutes in the PL, scoring one goal.

That means he cost almost 6m per hour, or 100k a minute, or 27m a goal.

No wonder we can’t afford world class players, wasting money like this.

On strikers alone, we have wasted millions on transfer fees and wages in recent seasons, on complete dross like, Park, Chamakh, Giroud, Gervinho, Walcott, Perez, Podolski etc, rather than getting one or two world class strikers.

Is there another top European club that is so inept when it comes to transfer fees, recruitment and contracts?


Why exactly would you only count PL goals and games?


In all seriousness i really dont think there is. What angers me was wenger was always talking about looking for value when in reality he did the exact opposite. He is like someone which is a horder. They horde junk in huge quantites and make excuses about what they have got they would always have a reason why it was needed. If you say ‘but it is trash’ to them it has a purpose and they picked it up from a skip so it does matter ‘but yes you are paying storage fees for that shit’ ‘well i feel if i get a few more pieces like this i can make xyz out of it’ ‘but you havent touched that in years’ ‘i know but i need the right pieces’.

This is why fucking shit like jenks is on 50k a week for fucking ages even though he never played for us, always on loan…it was like everyone can see he is shit. To wenger it is ‘i need him to work with us for a few more years on loan he was a gem of a find’ then he renews his contract and out comes another excuse. The guy has got us piled to the ceiling with utter shit which has no fucking value but is costing us dearly the fucking demented old fool.


I couldn’t be bothered to trawl through the meaningless early League Cup and Europa Cup games he might have played in.

Unless Wenger specifically bought him, for what was a record fee for a striker at the club, the PL is a true measure of what a player can do, rather than Second Division clubs in the League Cup or Hungarian village sides in the Europa League.


You could have just looked up his Wikipedia page with the figures.

Regardless of your (or mine) valuation on the other games he played he did still play them.


Some reported 4m+1m, then there was this reporting 10m:


The thing is they were all needed for numbers as back ups and if we did get injuries you would be the first to complain about lack of any contingency planning.

Also they aren’t all dross, Giroud is one of our top all time scorers, Walcott was also a huge prospect and did decent numbers, Podolski was productive, Gervinho was a decent punt and did better than people gave him credit for. Even Chamakh had a decent 3 month spell when we needed him.

I do wonder if some players were signed by Gazidis. Guys like Perez and Gabriel were StatDNA signings and Wenger never wanted to trust or play them.

There’s a rumour about Park that he was dishonest about his military service, it stood to cost the club more and because of that he got froze out. He could just have been crap ofcourse.


Where did the idea actually sprout from?


Wenger apologists.


There’s been some excellent posting in this thread today, top work chaps.


I don’t think he wanted to buy cheap. He just had a lot of confidence in the players who made the first eleven during that period. Which meant he was looking for squad players whom are often a bit cheaper. I only really have a problem with what he did with Xhaka and Mustafi. Two actual signings for the first eleven, but they didn’t work out at all. And his, what seemed endless, trust in Giroud and Walcott.


Well this shows our problem as clear as day, we are willing to spend as much as Liverpool and Chelsea but they are just so much better at raising money off sales. We knew it anyways but fuck it’s infuriating looking at it. Also doesn’t help when 90 million of the spent one summer was on Mustafi, Xhaka and Perez.


Yours was the best :rofl:


I’m hoping Ramsey will truly be the last of it, because Wenger let his agent leave the agency before resuming negotiations if I’m correct.

I’d like to think after Ramsey we don’t really have anyone that would even dare pull that shit anyways.

(If that fat cunt even tries to accept anything but a wage decrease for Mkhi and we let him i’ll bludgeon anyone in charge of this club)




Can we sign free agents?

Would rather this guy than that fraud bastard Xhaka