Summer Transfers Thread


Self-imposed or not, he was always going to be working from a limited budget. You can’t blame them too much. I know Guardiola spent loads and had success, but what’s happened with Man Utd would have me play it a bit conservative. The spent loads with changes in management and it hasn’t brought them the PL or CL. You also have to consider the fact that we can’t offer CL football, so many of the top players wouldn’t be interested unless a massive wages were on offer. Hopefully more rev from kit and getting back into the CL, assuming we manage that, will see us go all out on a couple next summer.


Exactly. Rebuilding was never gonna be easy. Let’s just wait and see.


Lol! At least Manure are worse than us.


Spurs and United doing nothing in the market is the best news we were realistically going to get today. I’m pretty convinced those are the clubs we’ll be fighting with for fourth place.


T minus 1 hour now.


Typical Arsenal eh? 2 or 3 guys away from being able to compete with the big clubs, and we are gonna waste away Özil’s last few prime seasons and waste at least two of Auba’s. Mediocrity in our spine, no creative CMs and weak defense, but a lot of attacking flair! Looks like this is what our reality is now whether Wenger is here or not. Strap in boys 🖒🖒


Were you expecting that we would solve all of the squad issues Wenger left us in one summer? It isn’t Fifa where you can do whatever you want


Thing is the budget isn’t limited at all. I’m not even arguing for spending your way to success.

The current regime can’t plead poverty imo


Apparently Everton are close with Zouma and Mina


Hey bruv ! We should have signed Dembele, Bonucci, De Gea and Jorginho ! Useless board And Emery out !!


No point wrist slitting, hop on to redcafe, the Ls they’ve taken this window are hilarious, their fans are probably in meltdown now!



Happy, eh? :unai:



Did Everton loan or buy Gomes?


FC Barcelona and Everton FC have reached an agreement for the transfer of player André Gomes for the 2018/19 season.

The English club will pay FC Barcelona 2 M 250 thousand euros for the year of transfer and will take care of the player’s card.

Dodged a bullet there thank fuck.
Everton clearing up though.


Hope we don’t sell Welbeck, we’re gonna need him this season.


Gomes to Everton is apparently a loan.


Window has now shut, but that doesn’t stop us trying to flog some of our players abroad

Ospina probably leaving.

Thinks it’s been a solid 4/10 window (6/10 if Leno and Sokratis are good, 2/10 if they’re not).


What about Torreira?

I give us a 6/10 window tbh. Torreira is big because I think he’ll finally displace trash Xhaka in the starting xi, and I love the Lichty signing, as that means we can drop gucci fuck for a real man. I agree though that 6 could rise to a 8 if Sven was right about Leno and he’s coached into a great player. I also didn’t think Sokratis looked all that bad in pre season either, think he’s an upgrade at CB.


Yeh all in all pretty uninspired for a new manager. Tor’s the stand out for me.