Summer Transfers Thread


We just signed Aubameyang in January, signings don’t come much more marquee than that and it’s the kind of signing I’m surprised to see the sixth best team in the league make.

You can’t expect a marquee signing in every bloody window, we’ve just made a massive one and you’d hope Arsenal fans’ satisfaction at that signing would last longer than 5 months or so. What we need is sensible squad building, big names aren’t essential for that.


No it wouldn’t he has a release clause

And in theory it’s not Emery making signings, it’s Sven.


The point is that £30m isn’t deducted from the transfer kitty.


Good post and most transfers are structured over years than cash up front. I remember the Cazorla deal was an exception because Malaga were about to fold so we paid a ridiculously low 12m.

Although in theory structering payments over years means you can buy more players now and pay it off in the future.


Except it will be. Most transfers are structured over years, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come out of the budget. It won’t be coming out of the bank all at once but it still needs paying off.

I also bet we sell 2-3 players and have quite a low net spend.



That’s merely showing accounting ways around FFP. United will still have to pay £45,960,000 of Dimaria’s transfer fee and probably won’t have 44 million in cash, but also in installments. They will still have a big loss over the period that they can only really afford because they’re a top 2 earner in world football.

Arsenal aren’t financially doped and are basing future spending on financial stability so borrowing from Peter to pay Paul is all pretty much irrelevant


i don’t really believe they even bucket money off in that manner in reality. If a deal makes sense it will get done.


It is said that PSG need to sell for €60 million of players before the end of this month to comply with FFP. The potential sanctions are going to be a joke, but if we are really interested in Draxler or Pastore now seems to be the time…


I’ll believe it when I see it


Well seeing is believing…

Are you seeing what I’m seeing though?

Or do you see what you want to see?

Can anyone see the big picture?

To many c’s in this post to make sense?

We shall see…


According to RMC that number is €40 million. If they make a deal with Valencia for Guedes they are pretty much out of trouble, for now.



Would cry tears of joy if we somehow snatched him. Lovely player and just the wideman we are crying for.


Redcafe and other man utd forums are in suicidal mode rn. Now they blame Sanchez and says he should never have been bought :arteta: lovely stuff this.


We could see it coming but they didn’t want to hear, neither did the neutrals who of course all got whipped up into craziness by the sky marketing machine.

Anyways, loooooool :arteta:


Seems to open up a way for Bale to go to United then.


The new Hleb?


WHAT? Are you serious? Hleb wasn’t a pace merchant at all.


I suppose what I’m on about is the lack of end product…Hleb was excellent at running at the other team and then falling over or loosing the ball in the last third…