Summer Transfers Thread


Hes no Lucas Torreira …:santi:


what makes me nervous about this guy he looks like he has all the skill in the world but the decision making of gervinho but i guess at least this time he has a proper coach that will hopefully coach some of that stuff out of him, but i have watched some of his videos and i dunno why but to me he just smacks of gervinho.


You have summed him up perfectly. That’s the reason why i don’t want him.


Reported Arsenal target Gelson Martins has terminated his contract at Sporting Lisbon, along with William Carvalho & Bruno Fernandes, following recent events on & off the pitch at the club. [@Record_Portugal] #afc

— afcstuff (@afcstuff) 11 juni 2018


Jesus Harold Christ, we’re linked with


Carvalho was pretty highly rated earlier on - seems to be a fallen starlet… anyone know anything about how these guys have been doing there?


Apparantly the contract hasn’t been terminated but the players laid this request down at Sporting. I’m reading Bas Dost did the same.

@ljungbergkamp I’ve no idea how Carvalho has done.

I’m not sure who started the Gelson Martins rumour either, but I find his YouTube compilations not even that compelling.


Doubt were interested in him, Portuguese sources suck.

Remember the Carvalho saga?


Like every summer. Clickbaiting.


If portugese media were to be believed, we would have signed William Carvalho 5 times since 2013 or so.




Dollar bill put your hand up…


This could quite possibly be the start of a lengthy contract dispute between the players and the club. We should stay well away from Martins if its true he has terminated his contract.

Not sure about Portuguese contract law but I don’t player can just terminate thier contracts citing ‘just cause’ in light of the incidents which happened around the club. Crazy situation


Apparently Sporting have agreed.


Don’t see how it’s that simple.

That’s a hell of a lot of money Sporting would be throwing away, the kind of situation that could absolutely ruin a club.

I’d expect a huge legal battle.


Not seen that mentioned in any of the sources I’ve read

Players leaving are worth over €100m in talent. Would be crazy if Sporting have agreed considering their major financial problems in the recent past.

Sporting are a listed company too, there’s no way they’ve agreed to terminate those contacts.


Perhaps their agents take a major share as is the case with most players in that league.


Definitely more to come on this I would imagine and termination of contract and player registration are potentially two different things…


Is it confirmed yet?


Carvalho was highly-rated some years ago. Is he still good?