Summer Transfers Thread


Great signing for them - alongside Maguire, solid.


Thank fuck he’s not joining us


Very good cheap replacement for Huth and really should take Morgans place as he’s the better defender.


I know I’ve been guilty of premature meltdowns and arsenal Twitter isn’t helping by going crazy over everyone we are linked with (I swear if we were linked with Messi you’d find someone saying ‘why we going for that fraud, never even won a national team competition’) but I’m very happy with the 2 moves confirmed so far.

Lichtsteiner is basically a Debuchy replacement and anything more is a bonus, especially for the rumoured sums.

And Adli seems like a genuine talent, the kind ive lamented Wenger for missing out on.

Sokratis less so, I guess but I feel the big moves are still to come, I feel we are still in for a CM and a CB and they will be the big moves the club will make this summer.

Dunno if I see a GK or winger this time round but I hope so. Hopefully Welbeck and Mustafi get offloaded too.


Arsenal & Chelsea have had talks with Pavon’s agent:

Luis Fregossi
El representante d Pavón tuvo charlas ayer con gente del Chelsea y del Arsenal .

Could we beat Chelsea to a good player for once?


If Abramovich has stopped buying them trophies then clubs like Brighton and West Ham are going to be beating them to good players.


i really hope we get pavon he looks like he could grow into a great player, have been saying it for a little while now hope there is some truth to it. He would be wasted at chavski they buy talent then never give them a chance.



Why would they want the benchpressing dwarf. Shaqiri is nowhere the level of any PL top 6 side.


I don’t think it’s a bad option for the bench depending on the asking price


I’ve always been anti Evans but I’d rather him for 3 million quid over the Greek for 16 million quid, similar age and level player and it saves us 13 million quid for elsewhere.


So you’d have someone who’s much more of a defensive liability in order to save 13 million then? Also Evans was asking for a huge signing on bonus


The Greek has been bang average for the last 2 years, to be honest I don’t really rate either.


Absolute Bargain, we should have been all over this deal.


Sokratis defense stats are much better than Evans and much better than Kos and any of our defenders for that matter.


Yeah we really should have. That’s such a good deal for a keeper of Perin’s quality


In b4 people are going to say we should get Szczesny back.


Was it a release clause? If not add another 10-15m € for Prem tax.


If he wanted to come here anyway. Juventus > Arsenal.


Well, there is that. :grin: