Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Dat amortisation tho :giroud2:


This made me lol. Best use of emoticon in a post nominee for sure.


Fuck I want another deal…come on Arsenal…new deal for Rambo or a transfer deal out of the blue tomorrow


So the Vida thing isn’t happening, but I still don’t understand why Emery allowed Chambers to leave if we weren’t bringing someone else in. I hope I’m wrong but I’m afraid we’re going to look really stupid when Sokratis or Mustafi get hurt.


I could make the argument that Holding and Mav are probably not that big of a drop off from our two starting cbs.


So we have four CBs who are all average to below average?

Super. :facepalm:


On the bright side, Koscielny may get out of his wheelchair at some stage in the next year.


They also have to get games. Can’t keep a 19 yr old, or however old Mavropanos is, and a 21 yr old, or however old Holding is, sitting on the bench all season and expect them to develop.


It was gonna be my next point. Mav and Holding have a much higher ceiling and the chance to be above average players if they get some experience and proper coaching.

Hate to break it to you but our midfield is chalk full of mediocrity as well.


Well we were happy to sell Alexis in his final year for £55-60m and buy Lemar for £90m so I don’t think that’s really much different to selling Courtois in his final year for £35m + Kovacic loan and buying Kepa for £70m. I’m sure this is a signing they didn’t want to have to make but they’re desperate.




I don’t think Chambers was ever going to be the answer to be honest. I think he’s an okay CB and can still improve, but from what I’ve seen Holding has a higher ceiling and he’s been given much less time with us. Mavropanos we simply don’t know enough about yet but the brief showings he has have largely been good (ignore Leicester).

Mustafi and Sokratis are both shaky as fuck so I can see why people wanted to keep extra bodies, but to me Chambers wasn’t much more of an answer to the situation.


I agree this would be a perfect year to suck it up and start throwing some guys in to the fire.


Good thing we’ve chosen the perfect manager to do just that! :unai:




Unfortunately, you just have to pay crazy money to get a player these days. The market has gone crazy.