Summer 2018 Transfers Thread



I’ve not seen a single person blame Ramsey’s contract situation on Wenger.

Nobody is to be blamed for that, Ramsey is running it down completely of his own free will because he has the sense to recognise that it puts him in the best possible negotiating position, whether that’s to negotiate with us or a new club.

Wenger is rightfully getting the blame for shit that is on him. Nobody has ever mentioned his name with regards to people like Sokratis.

I can’t see any sense to your post beyond you defending your hero for no good reason.


At least no Vida. It was all bullshits.


I’d probably give our transfer window a 5-5.5/ 10 I’d what Jeremy Wilson says is true.


Good and he wasn’t responsible for contractual situation of Persie, Nasri, Sagna, Sanchez etc. That is just how professional football is. Look at Courtouis & Chelsea.


What is so unique about this window which we have not seen before?
This window is exact replica of one we had with Sanchez, Debuchy, Ospina.

Nothing has changed.


He controls EVERYTHING at this club. HE STILL DOES.

Actually, he probably fired himself in order to try and fix the omnipotence paradox.



Sky sources: Real Madrid midfielder Mateo Kovacic to have medical at Chelsea today ahead of a loan move.


Blaming him for everything at least isn’t as ridiculous as those people who try and act like he isn’t to blame for anything


Their midfield looks good now.


Kovacic is exactly what the Chavs need. None of their midfielders are mobile tbh.


Kante isn’t mobile? He’s lightning quick.


Well attacking minded midfielders anyway


Barkley and RLC are quite athletic.

Neither is as good as Kovacic though although RLC has huge potential.


Big move for them and very astute… still think they will struggle to score and this will put more pressure on them. See them as good candidate for 5th or 6th.


Feel a bit sorry for Cesc, but at the same time I don’t.


Disagree. Both lumps that struggle in tight spaces. Kovacic will off that play inbetween the lines that Chelsea don’t have (apart from Hazard of course).

Doesn’t Sarri favour a mobile setup than rigid anyway? His Napoli team played some amazing football.


One bad season doesn’t change the quality in the squad. Hazard is still a Chelsea player too.


I can see your point, but what does moving in tight spaces have to do with mobility? lol

I suppose you’re not talking in the sense of pure athleticism.

As the saying goes, he made his bed…