Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


It doesn’t confirm anything. It’s an opinion piece and one I happen to agree with but it’s still an outsiders view of things.


Nobody gives a shit Ronaldo signed for Juve?? Lulz.


88 million…They’ll make that back in shirt sales.


It makes sense, he’s recreated himself as this out and out striker and Italian football will suit that down to the ground, his diminished pace won’t be as much of a factor and he quite conceivably has a few more years at the top level in Italy.

And for Madrid, they recoup that enormous transfer fee they paid for him before transfer fees were routinely that big for world class players.


More interestingly, who will Real sign to replace him?




PSG won’t sell their best players. Even Spurs and Liverpool will put up a fight. Hazard seems the most attainable player right now. They could do worse than picking up Fekir or Bailey


Kane hopefully.
But realistically Mbappe, Salah, Neymar or Walcott.


Real will snatch Hazard


That’ll keep the Chelsea supporters happy, especially if they don’t replace him :grinning:


The aquisition of Raul and Sven was the biggest change this club has seen in a decade or so. Massive for us and has changed how we operate.



sad times lads


We should totally get Bailey… final puzzle piece.


That would imply we have the other puzzle pieces


Replacinh Fernandinho?


Much needed bit of steel added tbh :ok_hand:


Didn’t they say that about Xhaka, Mustafi, Gabriel, Kolasinac and Cech signings? Yes they did. Even John Terry said Cech would give us an extra 10 points.

I’ll wait to see how these pan out, especially given one is an error prone keeper and another is an old fullback.


On paper Wilshere and Yarmolenko are very good signings for a club like west ham


They did not