Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Anyone know if these guys are reliable?

Club really is on a madness this summer!


Yarmolenko joining Hammers. :eyes:


West Ham are making some good signings this summer…Yarmolenko could be a good player for them…


Is he really that good




Hammers>>>Arsenal next season :wink:


Nonsense spaghetti talk.



Arsenal Fulham at the emirates on 1st Jan. Poor seri’s feet will be dust by this point.




Fulham?! That can’t be right… From Barca, Arsenal… to Fulham




So his agent WAS in London as reports said, just not for Arsenal or Chelsea lololol


Fulham?! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Sounds like Nice and Fulham might want this deal to go through a teeny bit more than Seri does…


Very good article.


Lol damn my boy stuck at Fulham? Oh well it would be cool to see him in the PL regardless.


That’s worth a read.
It confirms what we all knew, that our transfer windows were the worst of any top club and that now we have a manager and back room staff who have the ambition and ability to sort things out quickly.

We have gone from, too many seasons and transfer windows of complacency with Wenger, to Emery, who has done more in the short time he has been here than Wenger had over several seasons.

Who would have thought a new manager could make so much difference?


Fulham with a great signing for them. Love the little Premier League clubs buying well.