Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


no thanks. We need hard workers now, not low stamina instagram darlings.






Listen I would wipe Ozil out of the team if it meant getting James in.


James is an amazing #10 and honestly I prefer his type i.e. the high goal scoring #10 to that of a pure facilitator like Ozil.

People always bang on about taking the game and turning it on it’s head and he’s the type to do that, he won’t always pass first.

No way he comes to us though, he’ll stay at Bayern.


I thought he had a good second half of the season for Bayern tbh. Would be surprised if they didn’t want him anymore.


Fuck u all Ozil traitors. You dont deserve him. Best number 10 in the world and you wanna replace him with a injuryprone columbian crackhead !


Yeah, especially as he adapted his game to playing as a CM.

I would bite Real’s hand off for him, KDB got huge praise last season and deservedly so but I like James a bit more tbh.


And he’s not that old either. 27 now right?


Turning 27 in July


Fantastic news…for us! :unai:


So he’s 26 then :wink:


Fractions are obviously beyond you. The day after his 26th birthday he is no longer 26




Holy snakes, doesnt sound good the Torreira situation. Pls let him have a shite couple of games.


Think this clarifies that he’s given his word to Arsenal more than anything. All the news of acquiring him came maybe, one or two days before the world cup started.


If it’s transfer involving an Italian club. I trust Di Marzio people more than the club’s mouthpiece.




The CM for Arsenal in spanish said they were preparing everything for the announcement of Torreira. In a subliminal way but understandable nonetheless


Knew it wasn’t done, not even close. Argh.


It’s chill lads, all the Italians were first to the info and they maintain its done.

Obviously the club don’t want to say anything yet because it’s not completely done, which is why Einstein has said this. But I’d relax.