Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Leno and Meyer for sure.


Max Meyer for sure considering he’s on a free and he’s reking scrubs in the bayernliga playing as a #6.

Johnny Evans supposedly is available for 3m now that WBA are going down. Might be a good shout considering he’ll be here a couple years until Mav, Holding, and or Chambers are ready to go full time.

Less convincing rumors, but they can be put in the where there’s smoke file…

Alderwield. The rumor is that he’s leaving the scum, doesn’t want to leave London, and fancies The Arsenal. Spurs will take the money because of the stadium build but dunno if they could be persuaded to let him leave to us. Tough one to get across the line I’d imagine.

And the biggest one of them all. Dembele. Barca are buying Griezman, their wages are too high. Dembele isn’t happy there, Barca aren’t that thrilled about him. He wants to be reunited with Sven and Auba. Supposedly it could happen as a loan with option to buy similar to the Mbappe deal. The real dirt on this one is that Dembele reached out to us through Auba :grin::grin: and we’ve now been in touch with his agent.

Don’t shoot the messenger.


He had just one transfer right to this point :wink:.

Don’t think we should add anymore 29/30 year olds tbh. It will handicap the next two years.


Probs bs but whatever


De Ligt scored a comical own goal at the weekend :smile:

Isn’t his agent Mino Raiola?


His agent is supposed to work together with Raiola now. But Kike Marin is full of shite.


Wenger would love these signings. Unknown young players :wenger2:


Sign all the defenders!!


God I’d love De Ligt here. Raiola is a cunt tho


Great prospect but he’d cost a lot and that would put our young defenders at four, surely with Kos out and Mustafi perhaps sold off surely we’d be looking at a more experienced CB?

Not that I’d be complaining if we signed him but the source is garbage haha.


Me too. I would be deligted if we could pull this one off.


For a few seconds I was like where is the pun? Until I reread it :joy: that’s a great under the radar pun


I was trying to come up with a pun but couldn’t think of a suitable idiom with light.

Fuck you.


With Sven at the helm it seems our club have finally seen de ligt! :thinking::joy:



Do all players have entourages these days?


The transfer window opens next week :grimacing:

Do you think it matters that we don’t have a manager? I mean, any potential signings are surely going to want to know who they’ll be playing for


We can tell them we’re getting Allegri, and then after they sign tell them the truth.


Interesting! Didn’t realise it opened on 17 May cause it has to be opened for 12 weeks by FIFA rules.


So Real Madrid to sign Salah before the CL final?!