Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Great! Exactly what we need.


Not too sure about Sokratis. Maybe like 5 years ago. He certainly isn’t a madness imo.

I’ll deffo be pissed off if we sell Hector too.

Fucking Sven just wanting to recreate 2015 Dortmund. In that case get 2015 Dortmund’s manager.


So I’ve been thinking about keepers.

Ideally we’ll get two new keepers. Cech should leave really and Ospina doesn’t seem to be content as second choice.

I doubt we’ll spend £50m+ for one of the best GKs (like Oblak and Co.).

I feel like fiscally it would make sense to drop like £10-15m on an older, established, but good keeper like Schmeichel (league winner, in his peak, excellent all around keeping traits) and then spend around £15-20m on a hot young prospect - let’s say, a 19-20 year old who has been impressing but isn’t ready to be a number 1.

Get the best 3 or 4 years out of the older keeper, and then by the time he’s 34/35 the younger keeper will be ready to start taking over and hopefully the older keeper will be happier to drop to the bench and play a back up role.

I’m not really too familiar with the 19-21 year old goalkeeping prospects out there, could anyone enlighten me?

Nick Pope has really impressed me this season, he’s looked great for Burnely. Obviously he has a proper defence in front of him but if we’re able to get a manager who can sort out our defence, I wouldn’t be opposed to spending £20m on him (English tax included).

I just can’t see us dropping £50m+ on a top class keeper OR being able to attract a top class keeper, whereas spending £30-35m on two keepers that meet our needs seems way more plausible, especially if Sven has his shit together and knows about some top German/Italian/French/Spanish whatever keeper prospects.


I like Pope and would be happy to see him here, as you say can see him going for £20mil plus.

Don’t see us getting two keepers, I think best case scenario is us selling Ospina (for peanuts obvs) and making Cech the number two behind a Pope or the like.

It’s a shame that the likes Allison and Oblak are firmly out of reach, two monster keepers who would give De Gea a run for his money.


Yeah you’re probably right.

To be fair, Cech as second isn’t the worst. I’d be pleased with that.

What viable first choice options are there though? We’ll need to look at a level beneath Oblak and Allison etc. but my knowledge of keepers is sorely lacking.

Everton spent £30m for Pickford, so that’s a no go. I’m really stumped actually.

The only premier league keepers I’d be happy with us spending any money on are Butland, Schmeichel and Pope.

Any mix of Pope/Schmeichel/Butland and Cech I’d be happy with.


Mattia Perin at Genoa seems another decent option.

Maybe Sven will be on a madness, the next ter Stegen has got to be out there somewhere.


Sell Ospina and keep Cech for another year (or the other way round, I don’t really give a fuck tbh)

Do that whilst signing a new keeper who we blood in the cup competitions, or just play all the time whilst demoting one of our current crop. Then next year we promote him fully. Given the new manager and the presumably big turnover of players we’ll have, there’s no room for two goalkeeper signings.


As much as I want us to replace Cech I would rather we strengthened our entire defence and midfield as priority this summer.

We do need a massive overhaul though and it’ll take a few years and a good few windows to achieve that.


Now that Horn is staying at Cologne are we going after Leno?


“Max Meyer has offered himself to Southampton for 10m”

They’ve refused.


Get him now FFS!


Why Southampton?
Is it because he has a dream to be playing against the likes of Brentford and Wigan next season?
It must be the lure of Mark Hughes that is tempting him.


Because he wants to play for Liverpool


According to Reddit, ever reliable (:stuck_out_tongue: ) he’s burnt his bridges at Schalke, has become greedy, his agent has called him world class and said he could play for any club in world football, no one’s been in for him and now he’s trying to find himself a club with DAT PREM MONEY THO.

How much of that is accurate is anyone’s guess. :grin:


You don’t trust Ramsey? I don’t, but I thought he was pretty untouchable as starter.


It’s more the need to replace/upgrade on Jack, Elneny, Xhaka and Santi monreal than Rambo if I’m honest.


Amen… I reckon we will keep at least 1/2 of Elneny and Xhaka (probably both) - we really need to keep Ramsey and let Jack walk, allowing Santi to end his injury misery as an Arsenal legend, retiring or moving to Italian or Spanish team for one last go.


I don’t think we’re really in a position to replace squad players. Obviously Xhaka and Monreal aren’t, agree on those two.


Ramsey, Ozil, Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang should be safe, then I’d say Lacazette deserves another year (though his place isn’t even guaranteed), but beyond that you could make a case for upgrading basically every other position. I don’t think any particular position is more needed than the others apart from CB with Kos’ injury. We basically need an overhaul and it’ll probably take two summers minimum.


Looking at Liverpool they might do a titel challenge in their third full season in the Klopp era. Which is still a big if, anyway. We’re going to need to have patience.