Stoke v Arsenal (PL)


Saturday 5:30
British PL

Gotta beat these fucking cunts to put the pressure on Liverpool. Don’t win and it’s all over.

Hope Kosc is back, otherwise same team.


  • Arsenal bottle incoming
  • We will finally win at Stoke
  • A shitty draw

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But… we’ll be wearing our third kit, which we always win in. So, good times. :grin:


High time we did these cunts away from home.

And despite how shit we’ve been, I have a feeling we will.


It’s a certainty we will win this. Pretty confident now that we will manage to win the rest of our matches. If lolpool let it slip (derp) we are so getting top 4 :grin:


Third kit so Stoke should forfeit already.


Anyone know the contractual situation re: how many times per season we have to wear the 3rd kit?

I assume we’re cramming in a few near the end to meet a commitment.


3rd Kit is so much better than that ugly yellowish gray travesty of an away kit.


If we lose and throw away any chance we had of a top four place, no ones going to buy it.
If we win, it could become a best seller.


Since when do people buy kits based on stats?!


Good call, have you considered a career in marketing? :yum:


I’ve been getting things right lately so hopefully I’m just plain fucking wrong on this but i have 1-1 on my mind for this one…


Our attacking football needs to improve. Soton offensive performance were dire mostly


Had a chance to get tickets for this one. But the late kick off, combined with the fact it’s on telly and having been the last 3 out of 4 seasons only to come home to bad results…I’m not so much of a lucky charm


Our away kit this year is the finest kit Puma has produced, especially with long sleeves. You’re a madman.


I want to beat these thugs more than Tottenhumb sometimes. Fucking c’mon Arsenal!


Time for :ramsey: to get his revenge :giroud:


Lawro reckons we’ll win it 0-2. Who am I to argue?


Will always hate Stoke, an ugly team introduced anti football, a thrashing at their stadium is long overdue.


Stoke are only anti football to us. Most decent clubs beat them regularly and recently.

We also have a bad record v Hughes


I predicted us to draw our last two games, so I’m going to stick with that winning formula.