Stephan Lichtsteiner

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Poor man’s John Cena

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“I want to throw…must schtay neutral”


Plot twist, it’s a snow covered rock.

reminds me of him, sometimes his football is just as funny too.


This has been so much worse than I ever thought possible.


Subbed again, can’t last past 70 minutes, can’t hack it in the Prem. Pointless signing, hope he never wears the shirt again.

Jenko should start ahead of him, which is incredible to say but it’s true


When we signed him i knew he was old and stuff, but he can barely pass or take a decent touch on the ball. Im starting to doubt if he has ever been a good RB or his Juve stint was covered by them being massively overpowered in a farmers league.

That’s a little harsh; you have to remember he’s 35 now. I agree that he’s absolutely shocking now, but some players retire before they get to that age because they simply can’t do it anymore and unless he wants to go play in the Swiss league for a side close to the bottom, he should just hang up the boots at the end of this season.

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I didn’t think he would be great but I thought he would be decent cover for Bellerin, I was so wrong, old man Lichtsteiner is golfing on his retirement course.


One of the most pointless signings ever made by us.

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Dunno, if he was still an adequate player we’d be praising this signing as an adequate Bellerin replacement while he’s injured. Or even challenging Bellerin for gametime.

Wouldn’t say he was a pointless signing at all. Just one that didn’t work out

At his age it’s plausible that he was good enough cover when he signed in June, and was totally past it by September.

I seem to recall him playing in August and looking adequate but not since.

It’s not his fault, it’s just the fault of whoever thought it was a good idea to buy an old player that had never played in the PL before.
He is just one of many cheap options we have bought as a short term fix, which is a false economy.
These type of players are generally on high wages, with no sell on value, and that are simply not good enough.
There were a lot of very strange signings in Wenger’s last few seasons, like Lichtsteiner, that seemed like panic buys from a manager that had no plan.

It’s important to remember (and it’s something those who knew, myself included, completely overlooked) that he was already way past it when Juventus omitted him from their CL squad last season and basically actively tried to replace him for about 3 seasons. There was a point they played Barzagli at right back ahead of him.

No contract renewal.


I think that goes to the likes Bischoff and a signing of a player with a known broken back :giroud:

I would have thought that accolade must go to Perez for our record signing for a striker at 17m.
He worked out at more than two million pounds for every game he started.
At least Lichtsteiner was fairly cheap, as well as pointless.

Sky talking about just how consistency poor he is. How all of City’s goals had the same pattern. Lack of pace. How exposed the right side is. He really is one of the worst players I’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt over the last 25 years. How long is his contract? I really hope he’s off our books in the Summer.

Carragher keeps calling him Liechtenstein :arteta:

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Just 1 season. Stay calm.