Stephan Lichtsteiner

Might as well have a thread cos it looks to be happening.

Pretty happy with this deal. Can give poor Hector some rest and lets AMN continue his encouraging development in the middle of the park.

Can’t believe I found people complaining about this lol, Arsenal fans man.


Seems a no-brainer to me.

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Good signing.

Free AMN.


He’s an improvement on nothing, so no complaints from me.

He’s still a good defender and we need a RB who is happy to be a back up. Add in his experience and his bastard attitude = a no brainer


More bastards the better.



Make Arsenal Bastards Again


That spanish guy needs competition on the right so i would be pleased with this signing.

34? Ffs but… He’s a bad guy tho? I can get behind that :sunglasses:

Can’t say I’ve ever really paid any attention to him or watched him play really but hopefully he’s not like Kolasinac on the right.

Though tbh for Emery’s style of play that’s probably the type of full-backs he’ll want. Inability to combine and pass from Kolasinac not as important.

My only concern is at 34 he will be losing or have lost any pace he once had. His defensive ability isn’t in doubt

This is exactly the sort of signing we need, add a bit of top quality experience and depth to the squad for peanuts. Even if he is only good for a season it’s still worth it and it gives Emery a bit of time to consider his long-term options.

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This sums it up very nicely.

I’ll take this. Can we just not sign fucking Sokratis tho


Yeah if we sign Sokratis I want Sven held accountable for when he flops. We brought him here to unearth gems not sign past their best (but never very good anyway) defenders lol


Makes loads of sense. We need backup and competition in that area, he’s older but still played 30 odd times for Juve last season, obviously still has plenty about him and we’re on a budget and he costs nothing.


Given the reported ‘limited funds’ available Lichtsteiner would be a good deal…competition for Hecter who could learn a lot from him and would strengthen the squad. Plus he’s won lots with Juve and has played over 30 games for them over the last 7 seasons so a consistent performer!

Good move, don’t need to spend crazy money, get a experienced player, doesn’t need to play every game for Arsenal. Good squad player for the EL and League and FA cup games. Can play the odd Premier League game over the busy Christmas period or when Emery needs to rest Bellerin. Should give Bellerin some sound advice and give him a kick up the ass. We can get two years out of him if he performs. He changed the game when he came on for Juventus against Spurs in the CL.

Don’t have to spend any money from the transfer budget, sorts out back up for Bellerin, get a experienced player who should play at least 25 games next season. I don’t mind these type of signings as long as it’s not a whole summer full of them.


I pretty much always try to sign an experienced freebie in FM so I can approve of this.


We made him responsible for player recruitment. Not just to unearth gems. It make sense Mislintat wants to sign an experience defender. But Sokratis probably isn’t the answer.

Wonderful player. Amazing talent. Elite mentality. Welcome to the greatest club in the universe Stephan !

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Is he not signing for us then?

And can he play CB?