Stephan Lichtsteiner (12)


Squads been missing some players with some bastard in them for too long.

Liking this signing more and more


We always say this but whenever a potential bastard comes in we complain about them being a walking red card.


I think you can be a bit of a bastard without being a walking red card, there is a middle ground.


Well this bastard has 1 red card in his entire stint at Juventus so I think we’re fine.


Fair. Flamini and Xhaka are a bit shit in the tackle on top of being bastards. Lichtsteiner should fare better!



straight outta the packet that shirt @Craigie


It actually gets uglier each time I see it lol




Someone dragged me into sports direct to look for something else so I went and looked at this and was blown away tbh. It genuinely looks like a fake shirt. The material is awful, where the red joins the white looks like it was done by accident and the red looks so poor quality and messy it’s unbelievable.

I have 10 year old Arsenal kits in better condition.


It looks like it’s made of tissue paper. Ghastly.


the design is one thing, but the red color is just so unsatisfying. Too light and flaccid for my taste.


Yea I actually saw it from afar (well, ten feet) the other day and couldn’t even bring myself to go over and properly look at it. Appalling.


Saw the shirt irl today :face_vomiting: Can’t wait for Adidas to bring us a clean and classy shirt.


Worst home shirt in decades


We’ll all want one when we are 12 points clear with 3 games to go…:thinking:


Fify :hugs:


btw, a Swedish international ref since many years who has reffed him several times said Lichtsteiner is the most rude and grumpy player he has ever conversed with on the pitch lol


Not the type for a flaccid one eh…? :henry2:


Swedish meatballs dont go well with Danish bacons…