Stephan Lichtsteiner (12)


If the board didn’t keep bragging about how profitable the club is and how we are one of Europe’s top clubs, that can afford any player, I would settle for under whelming transfer windows.

But when we have to watch every other top club, as well as clubs below us, buying up all the best players, while we settle for mediocrity and making a profit, it just proves how unambitious we are.

It’s not as if we are even buying players that could become top quality.
Since Sven took over, the majority of our signings, and players we are linked with, have been around thirty or over.

Lichtsteiner is a decent defender but if this is the calibre of player we are going for then, like @Aussiegooner says, we aren’t aiming any higher than sixth place, and a Europa League place.


I think we are hoping to get in the CL through Europa League Victory.


No title challenge coming up but we can get in the four. Chelsea are in strange spot right now. Spurs got another ground change and squads not that deep tbh. Things are not hundred percent right at united yet.
Carrying our biggest threat for years up top and with a bit of defensive knowledge dont see any reason to right us off a CL place in June.


Win the league hahahahhahahaha

what a joker you are @ImmoralGunner


34 year old? He might be a Bellerin backup and has a bastard mentality from what I’ve heard which is nice but he might only be here for a pension. He might be a ‘winner’ but would you take current Rooney or John Terry too? They’re winners right?


Only difference is that they don’t come from a season as starters and important part of their teams success.



What people are excited about this guy is he’s a winner but there’s loads of winners like I gave an example, Rooney, Terry, they’re still past it and I doubt anyone would take them here. It’s just a bit contradictory


The difference is that he did not seem past it last season as both Rooney and Terry looked for some time now.


Who is excited? I see a lot of fans who see this as a smart, pragmatic transfer.


Yes but the difference was they were past it. Lichtensteiner comes from a good season and I’m sure he has one season more to give as a backup. Is he a star signing and will he make a difference on the pitch? No. But he’s in better form and more use to us then a injured Terry and fat Rooney.


I don’t think you or I have watched him enough to make that call.

My main concern is his age and his somewhat inactivity while playing in a faster league. Few fullbacks still perform at 34 although Alves is an exception.


You might be right and he will find it difficult to adjust to the PL but at least he has experience at the highest level and he does fill the space of cover for Bellerin, which is what we needed.

I just hope the money saved by not having to spend much on Lichtensteiner means we are going to invest properly on the first team positions that desperately need sorting out, like CM, CB, GK and winger.

I’m only joking.
We all know that our transfer window will be the usual panic and bargain basement buys we usually have, despite getting a new manager.


Lol! No chance he comes here to be Bellerin’s back up. It’s Hector who needs to learn from him, not the opposite.


He shouldn’t be Bellerin’s back up, both players should compete for the place through rotation. If Bellerin plays poorly drop him to the Europa and vice versa. Otherwise he won’t be much use as a signing, unless ofcourse Bellerin gets a long term injury



Unless his legs are completely shagged I can’t see a cautious manager picking an inferior Bellerin for an entire season.


You should tell Emery that. Isn’t that one of the reason why we got rid of Wenger?


We have no chance of winning the title within next season regardless of the manager we hire or the players we sign. Baby steps and all that.


Not even fucking pep with all the money he spent won it in his first season, if anything i remember a lot of fans mocking him for the amount of money spent and the results he got with the cost of his squad saying stuff like ‘not so easy is it baldy’ and that is after City has spent 1/2 a billion on players recently. I think people have to have some objectivity…i think if he could get us back in the CL and challenging in a couple of seasons he is doing quite well.