Stephan Lichtsteiner (12)



Get it done!


would be a clever signing really, a great back up for Bellerin that can also push him


Wonder what the holdup is


Wages :yawn:


Extra CB on top of Sokratis? Good. CM is key… but what about wing???


Doubt we will sign any forwards


Hard to justify any attacking signings with Ozil, Mkhi, Laca and Auba on the books as well as Iwobi and Welbeck as support. And Ramsey if he stays.

Unless Emery doesn’t like Welbeck and Iwobi, but I just don’t see any forward signings either.


Good, this is how you work in the summer. Identify targets, get them in nice and early so that you can start working on the team in preseason.

I like the way we’re working. It also means that we’ve got time to find replacements if anyone one important leaves after the World Cup.


So no swiss? Would love him here for his cuntish attitude.


That’s how it should work, but It wouldn’t be the same without the panic buying on the last day of the window, or hearing about all the players we “tried” to sign, and endless haggling.

An organised, planned transfer window with targets bought in early, with weak positions identified, and a list of top quality players drawn up to fill them, is what the ambitious clubs who are going for the title do. but this is Arsenal.

We have a proud tradition of poor transfer windows, and that won’t be ruined just because we have a new manager :grinning:


Kolasinac and Lacazette weren’t left late and this deal might happen pretty soon. Viva Svengali :giroud2:


I’m not sure about that.
Kolisinac was free and we waited around five seasons to get a striker like Lacazette :wink:


We need some older guys from winning cultures that will work and show the Wenger babies how to be professionals (can’t believe I have to say that).







Hype !


Has @Bl1nk already made the thread in the players section but has it delisted? :wink:


Not this time :smiley: