Stephan Lichtsteiner (12)


Try the Swedish bacon then. No antibiotics and well treated animals (until the slaughter of course) :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


My Favourite Swedish dish is Shrimp and Popcorn…:grinning:


WTF?! :rofl:



Great comedy that.


That’s good.
It means he hates losing.
Let’s get back to when we had a team full of players with the same attitude.


My man. Love his shit housery. Was one of our better players for me



Looks like he’s ready to bite anyone’s nose off at a moments notice, even his own team mates.


Love him already. Shithauser.


I love how he was airing out the lino within minutes of coming on. Was great I love it, will make officials a bit more afraid of making decisions that fuck us, need more of that.

Should start at LB tbh


We’ve been saying for years we need these types of players. He’s basically exactly what I was expecting.


I do enjoy Stephan “no fucks given” Lichtsteiner.

But it would have been nice if he didn’t just let Bernardo ghost past him. Completely went to sleep.


Plays like a man not a boy


Shame he’s 34


Where the fuck is that flux capacitor?


Luv him. Hopefully Monreal will be ready against Chelsea so Lich can take the vegans place at RB


For all the praising of him wasn’t it he who lost track of Bernado Silva for the 2nd goal ? Or was I wrong ?


Loved the way he wanted to have a dig at everyone today. We have missed these nasty players.


Looked as near as a captain ive seen since christ knows how long.


I think he done well, considering he was covering left back for us. Would like to see more of him in his natural position.