Star Wars Andor

Just wondering what the the thoughts of any Star Wars gooners are on the new Andor show?

I got bored after 13 minutes 23 seconds and switched the telly off.

Thought it was brilliant, I really enjoyed it

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Im gonna start watching tonight so it looks like I’ll either be bored by it or really enjoy it

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If you liked Rogue One you’ll enjoy this

Disney really wants Star Wars to be another infinite Marvel-like franchise and I’m not sure it’s suited to it. The quality of these shows is very variable. Andor is up and down, it’s had some decent moments but on the whole I do find it a bit slow and ponderous.

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The viewership figures for this are terrible.

Kathleen Kennedy is a terrible head of Lucas Film, the last trilogy was trash and they’re making the same mistakes again by hiring Damon Lindelof (who is awful) to come up with their next movie.

Haven’t seen Kenobi yet or this in part because of dissatisfaction with how they’ve handled the brand on a whole, they’ve cheapened it.

Kenobi was actually really good I thought, and came to a satisfactory conclusion after 6 episodes. I’d give it a watch.

I’ve liked all the SW shows that have come out tbh, but I really disliked the last two films. Force Awakens I thought was very enjoyable and a great way to revive the franchise and ease new fans into it but the subsequent films were terrible.

I will watch it at some point probably but I’m not fussed, maybe next year.

I watch the Mandalorian which is fairly good, haven’t checked out anything else. Force Awakens was OK but was essentially a retread which is why the subsequent ones sucked so badly, these guys have no originality

Both seasons of the Mandalorian were excellent I thought, and I thoroughly enjoyed the character development of Boba Fett in the Book of Boba.

Fair enough if you’re not fussed, but I’ve really enjoyed those shows for their lore and world building. Incredible production value too, and some great acting too from Werner Herzog and Gustavo Fring as well as Pedro Pascal.

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Is he the Mandolorian’s meth dealer?

Andor is good. Apart of Solo and The Book of Boba Fett I’m pretty content with most of the Disney/Star Wars projects.

I havent enjoyed andor i am just struggling to get into it. Possible because i know his fate theirs no really need for me to be gripped because hes not in danger.

Tales from the jedi was a good watch filling in some off the blank information during the prequel films.