Stan Kroenke


Since when is wanting the best possible outcome for the club not supporting the team?


And yet they’re still here. Come on, you can’t be serious.


Hmm…I abandoned the religion I was born into but I chose Arsenal and can’t help myself but watch and follow them. :slight_smile:


So they are fair wether fans that’s kind of what we were talking about when it got brought up


Since when has withdrawing your support until the outcome you would like occurs been part of supporting a football team?


You can call me whatever fan… fair weather fan… it is fine, I don’t feel offended and I don’t really care.

I jumped ship or not, it is my choice.

In the end, including me, a lot of fans start rooting Arsenal because of the attractive football, because of how Wenger manage the youth players…
Now, football is not attractive anymore, and Wenger sucks, what’s the point to root for the team (if not totally withdraw) wholeheartedly??

Remember, not everyone lives in England, lives in London area… not everyone supports Arsenal because of geographical reason.

If a football fan starts supporting for Arsenal, it is his/her free will, free choice… and if he/she leaves, it is also his/her freedom to do so. Adults should understand and respect.


Yes but my point was in response to the assertation that people that still support wenger will stop when he leaves, you are a good example of how actually it’s the other way round


I reckon we will have some avid Wenger followers that hope we don’t win a league title shortly after he leaves, as it would make the second half of his tenure rather poor.



Great news she sold to Kroenke then. Glad HMRC squeezed money out of her before she fled to Monaco.

Tax avoiding rat


Seems like she regrets not holding out for more money. What’s the end game here? She can’t get her shares back, if anything she might be able to get a settlement out of her lawyers but I imagine that’s it.


All she cared was about money, not the best interest of the club.


Why exactly did she need advice. She was never Arsenal anyway, just married into the shares and had enough of them to get on to the board along the way.



Instead of Usmanov in, we should hope for Josh Kroenke in more than anything.

Obviously the perfect scenario is none of them but still. People advocating for Usmanov are misguided.


Yes people should champion nepotism without a hint of qualifications


The nepotism and lack of qualification angle is one thing, I want to distrust Josh Kroenke, BUT he has (reportedly, none of us ultimately know) been pushing with Gazidis for the shake up involving Mislintat, Fahmy and the rest of them. Unless you advocate completely for a ‘better the devil you know’ approach, I don’t see what Josh Kroenke’s done wrong so far, he certainly seems a step up from his dad


Rob Draper (draper_rob)

Josh Kroenke in London for 3 months to take extended look at #AFC as club continues to prepare for life after Wenger…
I’m so glad he has taken the time to take an extended look at the club.

He should be doing this all the time, not just some of it.

This is why I want Kroenke out.
The arrogance of him and his son to think that “having an extended look at the club” is good enough.

It should be a full time job, not just fitting it in between all your other sporting investments.


It is a full time job. Staffed by Ivan Gazidis. This is additional to that, something along the line of bringing in a consultant.


Josh, Stan and Maggie Kronke should give up all other interests to devote their lives to what god has chosen for them, to own 66% of Arsenal Ltd. is clearly their true calling.