Stan Kroenke


That’s all good and well. But we will surely have to drop ticket prices right? How can the club justify some of the highest prices in Europe when we’re a top 6 at best?


Well people were happy to pay them when we clearly only cared about 4th and they’ve already dropped something like 10% this season so I doubt they’ll have much trouble shifting tickets when we’re finishing at worst 6th and at best potentially 4th. Even reducing ticket prices would probably be a manageable loss. As long as they’re selling boxes and club level I’m sure they’ll be happy enough with that.


For Kroenke, dropping ticket prices is preferable to splashing out the 200m he has in the bank for players.
The man is a parasite and he will never spend to the level we need to get out of this mess, so supporters will just have to get used to no CL football and more Wenger.


Because the tickets will always be in high demand.


Aren’t there something like 60,000 people on the waiting list?

Not to mention all the tourist day trippers.


They can justify that because ticket prices have nothing to do with ambitions of a club, but supply and demand,


The demand will drop soon enough if we carry on being boring and not mounting title challenges.


^^^ hopefully so we can get rid of the fake fans.


Yeah then Stan can move the franchise to LA and everyone’s a winner.


Anyone rooting for Arsenal at this point isn’t a fake fan. Those are pulling for a Manchester club or Chelsea.


he probably means the ‘fair weather’ only sing when we were winning types.


No its treble he means anyone who isn’t a Wengerboy like him


Can someone give me the definition of fair weather fan and then explain how it’s not a perfect discription of a lot of arsenal fans please?


I’ve always thought of a fair weather fan as someone who supported a team only when there successful and then, when they’re not, will not follow them or care about them.

A proper football supporter only wants the best for his club and when he sees that the club make empty promises, and keep repeating the same mistakes every season, they want to see a change.

There is of course a different kind of supporter, they are called Wenger fanatics.
What they do is defend everything he does without question and call anyone else who isn’t a Wenger fanatic, morons, idiots, cry baby’s whingers, spoilt brats, etc.

When their hero eventually leaves the club they go with him.



You always try and make this point but the fact is plenty of people on this very forum have said they will no longer support arsenal until wengers gone, I guarantee people that still back the manager/club will not stop supporting once wenger goes please stop suggesting they will when it’s your lot hat have already done that


Ah the word “plenty”. Remember you criticised my use of that word saying it implied a majority? Who are these “plenty” of people?


The people that said that still post on here so they probably said it after a bad result or poor performance.
The point I was making is that it’s the relentless support for Wenger and refusal to believe that he can do no wrong and no other manager can do any better that is more annoying.


Pretty sure that’s something you’ve just cooked up in ur mind there buddy.


I’ve seen at least 4 or 5 of the 20 or 30 or so regular posters here say something along those lines

10-15% is enough of a proportion or anything to class it as plenty imo

you said plenty of arsenal fans think the 89 team was better than the invincibles squad, i would spend days arguing that that is not the case, the percentage of arsenal fans that actually think that has got to be very very low i would guess so describing it as plenty is wrong