Stan Kroenke


Yes, and the point people are making is that it shouldn’t be irrelevant* to them.


Wenger stayed behind to answer questions. He hardly treats anyone with contempt. Hes a great man, don’t try to blame him for Sir Chips acting like a pompous ass.


And I agree but it’s not really realistic is it? You could say when we had David Dein as vice chairman was the closest we’ve been/could be to that and I wish with all my heart none of this had happened and we still had that set up, but it’s gone and impossible to get back

I’d also point out that the people that are outraged by all this want usmanov to come and save the day, do you think he would pay any more attention to minor share holders emotional links to the club?


Oh do they?

And yeah it is realistic. That meeting ended in utter farce, it takes barely no effort to take questions as you said you would. Even if it’s just lip service, you can easily make people feel like their opinions are being listened to.

I’m not hearing about any other clubs AGMs being as bad as that so I’d say it’s entirely realistic to expect better of the people running our club


Sigh. The criticism comes forward because of, what seems, a very idle stance of the owner/board running this club. If Usmanov took over and actually made investments and tried to move Arsenal forward there might be less frustation that needed to be expressed at the AGM.

I want to make one thing clear btw. I’m getting a bit sick of these little jabs about ‘us’ wanting other people running this club and seeing them as ‘saviors’.

I think everybody is very aware that another owner of another manager is not a guarantee of Arsenal winning the Premier League or the Champions League. However the current state of this club is so dull and uninspiring that change would be welcomed in an attempt to change the fate of the club. Because right now Arsenal is going nowhere. And will be going nowhere for as long as Kroenke and Wenger will remain the mighiest man in the club. That fact is bothersome.


Genuinely I would prefer someone told me to fuck off than just pretended to care about what I thought then just completely ignored me


They had to publish the polling results on the website. :grin:

Also there is the video presentation that’s been mentioned.


Nice little slice of AFC AGM history. :slight_smile:


Five and a half grand in the bank!? Spend some fucking money!!!


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.

The only way to enact change is to stop giving them your money. Because as long as it keeps pouring in, they’ll keep treating the club as their cash cow.

They don’t care about banners or protests, they care about their wallets and nothing else.


Amen Jules


It’s only recently hit me that we can be a profitable self sustaining club in the 5th-7th bracket if we manage things like transfer spend and Wenger is certainly capable of managing that. Even if our better players go there will always be players in that bracket from overseas that want to join a club like Arsenal.

I was always under the impression once 4th was in doubt they’d do something about it because that was the moneyspinner but there’s probably no need for them to do it and we’ve seen the first year we finish outside the top 4 we’re back to balancing books.

It’s just annoying that if they’re going down that route that they’ve made such a financially irresponsible decision in keeping 100m of players for 1 season. We’re going to feel the effects of that decision for a couple of years imo.


Does anyone think we will ever win the Premier League under this blokes ownership ?


Yea, I really don’t see why not. Not without a change of manager though.


No way.
Even with Guardiola, Ancelotti or Mourinho, the investment just to replace Sanchez, Ozil, Cazorla, Cech and Kos is more than Kroenke is willing to spend.

The investment needed in every position would be too much for an owner that has never spent any of his own money to invest in the club.

More importantly, Kroenke couldn’t care less about us winning the PL title.
The only thing he considers important is profit, and he is making a fortune out of the supporters, and there are still enough of them that believe Wenger is the right man for the job and that we are ok.

There is more chance of us finishing mid table than winning the PL or CL.


I think it mostly depends on the manager. Kroenke often gets a lot of heat when it isn’t warranted imo. That might sound crazy cause he’s such a greedy cunt, but our biggest failures in recent years have been on the pitch.

The footballing situation has to change most of all. We need a manager to come in, bring an entire structure of coaches and change the culture totally within the club. Then again, its Kroenkes job to make this change and he doesn’t give a fuck…

Really I’m just utterly depressed at this point.


Tottenham and Leicester got PL winning point totals in the last couple of years without great deals of money.

We’ll most likely never be in the top 2 title favourites again but with a good coach putting together a good season there’s no reason a club with our means can’t have the odd 80+ points season.

Our best point total since 2007-08 was the year before Sanchez joined (I think) and I don’t think that happened because the league was just less competitive, so it’s not like he was elevating us far beyond our level. I’d trade Ozil and Sanchez for a competent coach any day.


Yep… we CAN compete, maybe not every year and maybe not when one of the rich clubs has a great year, but we should absolutely be getting within a few points from time to time and occasionally nicking it… we are on average too far behind and disappointingly can’t seem to sustain anywhere close to a true title challenge.


Yeah we got 79 points in the 13/14 season and then added Sanchez and got 75 the following campaign.


I agree.
Someone like Pochettino would be better for the club than Ozil and Sanchez.
Although there has never been a team that has won the PL without at least two top quality players like those two, and next season we won’t have any, or a top quality coach either.