Stan Kroenke


What? Why’d they cut it off before the boos? :expressionless:


What a surprise

Stan stays silent, Keswick acts like everyone is beneath him and why is he wasting his time with the peasants, Gazidis waffles a lot and the whole thing ends with Keswick refusing to answer questions that are not scripted



The board and Wenger are an absolute joke.
They twist the truth and lie and try to imply it’s the supporters that are being unreasonable.

They say they listen to supporters and they pretend they’re ambitious but clearly they’re not.
Kroenke is obviously so arrogant he doesn’t even bother to answer questions from supporters because he knows he won’t be able to.

All this nonsense about him being “hands off” is just that, nonsense.
He controls every aspect of the business side of the club and he is the person holding us back by not investing and allowing Wenger to continue as manager.

There might be boos and dissent from supporters at these meetings but neither Kroenke, Wenger, Gazidis, Chips, or any of the other board members, care what we think, only what is good for their bank balance.

The arrogance of these people, and their total disregard for what supporters think, is astonishing.

I’ve said it before but they would do well to remember that the supporters are the club, and people like Kroenke are just parasites who gain from it.
The sooner they’re gone, the better.


The board’s intentions summed up perfectly in one gif. These lot truly believe they are above us mere peasants. The board’s relationship with the fans is at an all time low. Shambles.


I KNEW IT, everyone was saying it is the last 2 years of him, and i said i doubt it will be the case.


The reason I think Wenger will stay is because the board now know that even though we are out of the top four places, the supporters are still filling the Emirates and there is still a waiting list for season tickets.

Expectations have been lowered and a top four finish will be considered a success rather than the bare minimum it is.

Kroenke will know he will have to spend at the end of this season and this is a pattern I expect will; continue, which is on alternate seasons he will spend to placate the supporters, and we need to replace the only two world class players we have just to keep us at the level we’re at.

There will be no world class players bought but more of the level of Xhaka and Mustafa.

While Kroenke is the owner expect no ambition, no world class players and no change in the manager.

Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn’t been paying attention.
Still, Kroenke will at least keep his biggest fan, @Arsenal4thetreble, happy :wink:


No, you just have broken our balls :hipster:


What’s sad about this is that I think its actually true and he’s basically sticking his fingers in his ears when we’re all telling him its not working.


No changes until the financials get hit.


You know a Hicks Gillette type hounding out is necessary.

But will it happen?


They were in no way whatsoever hounded out. They lost their bollocks in some deal or something and the bank forced them to sell cos they couldn’t repay the loan.


I have confidence in Kroenke all of a sudden. What he did with the rams who were in a very similar situation to Arsenal, should speak volumes.


Well let’s hope the same happens here.

For now, everyone boycott ASDA!!!

(that’s sound advice anyways, ASDA is filthy and shite!)


Seven straight losing seasons and moving the team to another city?

They’re 5-2 this year but that is like a drop in the bucket of the absolute disaster that the Kroenke era has been for Rams fans, to the extent they even exist anymore.


Ok first of all the Rams belong in LA, it was a travesty that Georgia Frontierre ever took the team out of LA on the first place. Bringing them back was the absolute correct move.

Secondly I’ll concede that he let Fisher stay way too long. However Kroenke has done everything right since then. Even firing Fisher half way through the season. Hiring a 30 year old visionary coach. You don’t fire someone unless you’ve got the correct replacement lined up, which they executed perfectly. Upgrading the roster massively. Best offense in football right now.


What extent does Kroenke have over hiring and firing? Or was it a GM move?


Tbh yeah Kroenke is the be all end all when it comes to hiring and firing. I do get the feeling that he’s put a GM in place and lets him do his thing, kinda similar to what’s happening at Arsenal. Our GM is Les Snead. He traded for our young QB who is one of the best in the league, and made upgrades on wide receiver and offensive line. The head coaching hire was probably Snead with Kroenke approving. Still though he got the right guy in place with Snead and he’s staying out of business he doesn’t know.

How this relates to Arsenal I’m not completely sure. I get the feeling these guys like Chips and the rest of the board are fucking idiots and continue to back Wenger and convince Kroenke he’s still the best man for the job. Winning the FA Cups seem to have an influence over Kroenke as well, as he mentioned it in that interview he gave. Hopefully being at the meeting and seeing first hand how toxic the atmosphere is right now. I’ve got confidence that if we continue to struggle he’ll sanction a change.


I like how you’re trying to deflect all the blame from Wenger and Kroenke. The two most powerful in the club.


Kroenke himself has said his style is to put people in place and let them do their job, people more knowledgeable about the sport than he is, he’s not going to meddle in affairs he knows nothing about. I agree with Kroenke wenger is great and he keeps winning shit, even though we have a weaker side than most teams in the league, probably overachieving for the shit team we have. However Wenger and the rest of the management team let us down with player recruitment etc. If that continues Wenger really should lose his job, I just don’t know at what point stan jumps on that bandwagon.


Decent piece by Tim Stillman on the AGM.

I can’t understand why Chips even does the job tbh. He’s independently wealthy and it’s not like he’s getting paid millions to be Arsenal Chairman.