Squirtle Gifs

Feeling the legend needs his own thread. :sunglasses:

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More like “How to earn easy likes from your peers in one easy step” :henry2:

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Edit @Mysty they only work when I post them from my phone lol

It seems really picky as to what will work as a gif and what won’t. Keep trying :slight_smile:

(I hope this evolves more than just Squirtle) :wink:

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Totally misread this thread title as “squirting gifs” haha

Greatest thread in OA history @Calum :poldi:

Ah, the early days of new OA randomness.


I misread it as squirting girls and thought Trion had created a new thread.


Glad I wasn’t the only one to read the same thing

Get on topic!!!

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Hilarious and weird thing is, according to our site data, this is one of the most referred threads on OA :arteta:


Wow. WIthout Arsenal games on this is what happens :sweat_smile:. Thread of three years ago are bumped.

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what a SHIT thread :henry2:

As in, one of the most popular threads lurkers look at for the first time?

Where’s the randomly nothing thread?! :arteta:

Or pictures of OA members thread? :gabriel:

Wtf :joy::joy: whyyy


4th in the all time list, over 3000 clicks. Unsurprisingly our most referred thread is, How to buy match day tickets, well over 30,000 clicks :sweat_smile:

It has LESS clicks than the Squirtle thread :rofl: I kid you not.

God knows :sweat_drops:

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Nice lol. Better add more GIFs then.

Although Mysty I bet it’s because the lurkers make the same mistake, thinking this is a squirting GIFs thread :arteta:


I bet it’s some people after the old porno searching for squirting GIFs and the resulting disappointment when they end up here :arteta: :arteta:

It looks like Titou is the only one who actually knew what this thread should be about :wenger:

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People searching the web for squirtle gifs