Squad Management

I loved what I saw from Timber but the sample is really tiny to say he’s in our best 11


At least not now

Partey thread is closed?



Inverted wingers - are they always necessary?

I’ve watched the Sheffield and both Porto legs back again, and I feel there’s a case for switching saka and martinelli for the majority of the game. A lot of opportunities came from driving to the goal line and cutting the ball back. Even if the opening wasn’t used, there were often spaces behind the wide backs that could be attacked. It limits the goal scoring of those players somewhat, but it could pay off even more with increased creativity.

I wonder if it would make a difference to any future signings - i.e a left footed player to relieve saka.

As I say, it’s just now and then, especially with a low block. Thoughts?



Sounds good.

Partey needs to add some serious value in the coming 2 months for this contract to be justified.
At this point, this contract looks like it will go down the Ozil-Aubameyang route.

In terms of staying injury free? Because I don’t think Partey will phone it in like they did.

In terms of an expensive asset that is not providing value, offloading the player becomes a chore and prevents us from using the wages for someone else given the FFP restrictions. We will end up paying a premium to offload the wages.

The tweet (if you believe it) suggests it’s to prep a future sale to Saudi Arabia.

Excellent if we lock down Jorgi for 2 more years.


Tomi and Partey gained some fitness today


Harsh to call Kai ‘not a first team player’
He earned more respect

Jorginho for another year would be brilliant. Now that we do not rely on Partey, I don’t mind him being used sparringly. It would cost 60m plus to replace him, so why force it?

The reason you’d replace him would be if you wanted to open up a spot if you think he could sign his longterm replacement/ get his 200k a week off the books.

But I do agree with what you’re saying, I’m not bothered if we run his contract down.

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I’m baffled that there’s a new contract on the table for Partey but this could be a tactical move, he may be taking a lower basic salary but split over the next 3 seasons. Could even be a take it or leave situation. But I really can’t see us winning titles until we have a solid, reliable midfield trio for the long-term.

Tomiyasu, Partey, Trossard and Martinelli off the bench is insane.

Think we should give Saka a game out vs Luton. Maybe Havertz, White and Jorginho as well with such big games coming up.

We must not take Luton for granted. They are fighting for survival which makes them dangerous. We are a free hit Wednesday. Minimal changes IMO.


I hear you, but we need to start trusting the squad and also keeping players fresh. Saka clearly isn’t 100 percent. Partey and Trossard are hardly basic players.

Heysus is supposed to be a striker. Let’s play him there.


I think start strongest possible 11 and then sub early when winning, every game is almost must win…