Squad Management

You could make a case for White, Tomiyasu and Zinchenko too to play there tbf.

However, I don’t think Arteta or the club really see it that way. We’ll soon find out if it will really come down to us having to use a defender there though.
Not many days left in the window.

Apparently reading the comments he has come up against Vlahovic, Ibrahimovich, Lukaku and Kvaratskhelia and dealt well with them all quite well…dunno how true that is but if true probably why Arteta and Edu got him in fast and with no fuss because didnt want him to go elsewhere. Looks like he can do a job i think he looks better than Elneny.

That’s a decent roster.

Roster :see_no_evil: come on mate that soccerbowl a few years away yet.



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Can’t wait to see these boys in our jersey

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Saliba is deadarse 20. I keep forgetting that.

Fucking hell. :rofl:

Nothing wrong with roster, it’s legit. Know your language you uneducated peasants.


Save it for the locker room.

When we play our road match at Everton

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