Sporting CP Vs Arsenal (UEL)

Probably gonna miss part of the first half due to work. Should have played in the evening.

We have never played in Lisbon recently, tbh.



Lol every club has their Jenks I guess.

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If I was blink I’d feel a bit queasy about that. :slight_smile:


Wouldnt swap him for anyone. What a player we have on our hands. Top quality.

Is that stuff about Jenkinson being in the squad some kind of joke ? Or that actually serious ?

Serious. It’s part of this new fan outreach programme Arsenal have launched :smile:


He’s on the plane for sure.

Emery: Who is that fire brain Smithers?
Bould: Why that’s Carl Jenkinson, Sir.
Emery: Hmmm, new man?
Bould: laughs Actually sir, he’s been here since the 00s, part of the failed British core project.
Emery: Eh… doesn’t ring a bell.

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C’mon Arsenal! Let’s do this again!

Any OA’ers in Lisbon?

Auba to start and Laca on the bench?

Sounds about right. I wonder if Ozil will start, having missed games before the break.

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My fucking face if Xhaka playing LB turns him into a legitimate player :unai:

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3-man at the back? :cech:

Good bench

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