(Spoilers) House of the Dragon/Game of Thrones

Just adding this topic to follow on from the one on the old forum.

How would you rate each series so far ?

Season 1 - 9.5
Season 2 - 9
Season 3 - 8.5
Season 4 - 10
Season 5 - 8
Season 6 - 9.5

Season 7 looks like is delayed and wont air till the end of the summer in 2017. Only 7 episodes as well :frowning:

On storytelling alone:

Season 1 - 9
Season 2 - 8.5
Season 3 - 8.5
Season 4 - 9
Season 5 - 6
Season 6 - 8.5

I am on board with the delay and the number of episodes if the product is stellar and they make each episode count. We are approaching the end game and I expect season 7 to be an all-out political and violent war for the crown and an enormous coming together for the ‘War for the Dawn’ in season 8.

8.5 for storytelling in season 6, that’s generous :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Quick lads, squeeze in some praise for the show we all enjoy before @Dr_Strangepass and @CunningLinguist arrive to shit all over our fun



Fucking sick show, I’ve happily managed to disassociate it from the books into two separate entities so I can really enjoy it again

Season 1 - 9
Season 2 - 9
Season 3 - 9
Season 4 - 7
Season 5 - 6
Season 6 - 5

loved the first three, then I began to get that feeling that they’re entertaining but not getting anywhere. Like, there is no actual gaming for the actual throne. It’s like when you watch Prison Break and after a while they’re not breaking out of a prison. or Lost, and after a while they’re not lost. or Heroes and after a while they’re not heroes.

If the series are comedies or whatnot they can go on forever for all I care, the humour often just gets better on the characters the more you watch, but story based series, it’s not that I get restless, I just feel like they purposely drag it and that just annoys me.

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If I were to plot the quality of each season onto a graph it would be a negative line from positive 10 into the negative numbers. Thanks for the tag…haven’t bitched on GOT for a while. :slight_smile:


Fair, I suppose the storytelling (in terms of making sense) of season 6 was only marginally better than season 5 overall. It’s definitely the most significant season for the overall story and production thus far though nonetheless.

Season 1 - 9
Season 2 - 8
Season 3 - 9
Season 4 - 8
Season 5 - 4
Season 6 - 7

Where the fuck is Gendry?

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July 16 is official then. Such a long wait! I feel like rewatching last season just to keep me ticking over until then.

The first season was incredible, season 2 was okay, and then just a mad slide. Book person here so I won’t expound on my views too much, especially since I dropped the thing in disgust after Season 4.

Expound away my friend :slight_smile:

As a book reader, I totally agree. I won’t expound however, I’ve already done that to death!

I did watch that as a one-off, and maybe its not fair to judge without watching the rest of the season but I was not amazed. My personal favorite episodr from the show is Fire and Blood the season 1 finale. Drogo dies, Dany walks into fire to birth dragons, Jon tries to escape the Wall, and Yoren smuggles Arya out of the city. So mich excitement and plot furthering. Kind of a shame actualy since the dragons then go on to do precious little in both book and show (though at least in the book they dont get fucking kidnapped wtf).

I can’t remember the series or specific episode even, but the episode containing the Battle of Blackwater was fucking awesome.

Wildfire makes my balls all tingly just like that mad bastard Aerys.


The Red Wedding was lit af tbhqfimo :dancer:

Yeah I think Blackwater was the most “oooh shiitttt” episode for me (I think it was season 2 episode 9). My favourite though definitely was Oberyn v Mountain. If I didn’t know what was about to happen I’d have completely lost my shit. The effects on the face boom and the way it just ends, I was still in complete shock.

Bastards was just way too predictable for me. Jon would be stupid and fail with tactics, have a weaker team, get them all killed, Sansa would turn up and save him with some white knights. The whole point of the first 4 seasons or so was utter disbelief at some of the shit that was happening (neds head, jamies hand, red wedding, joff wedding, but you knew this was what was going to happen 5 episodes before.

Then again, it was the highest budget, most epic, most brutal, best shot, and the protagonist wins which are all positives so I can see why people like it.


Yeah blackwater was my favourite, especially with the buildup as they made Stannis out to be a beast.

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