Good buy from Southampton? Anyone know him?

Know him from FM and FIFA. Decent but not world-class. A player with potential.

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He’s gonna be good for the Saints.

This is a very interesting read. Southampton have to be the best run team in the PL. The research they do for future players and managers is incredible lol.

Perhaps we should ask them to choose our next manager when Wenger leaves.

I’d rather they did it than the two footballing, intellectual giants we have, Kroenke and Gazidis.


Virgil van Dijk ruled out for 3 months.

Jikes :giroud: Good news for us of course. No Fonte or Van Dijk.


That’s going to cause Southampton major headaches, will be interesting to see how they cope at Anfield tonight.

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Well that’s some improvement!!

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Does seem like the Saints fans haven’t taken to Puel at all. He’s had an ok season, but I suppose you compare that to previous seasons, they have been not as strong. Unlucky though not to win the League Cup mind you.

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I don’t see the issue. Southampton have just been Southampton.

Sell your key players and battle Everton to be best of the rest. Football may not be as clinical vs MoPo or Koeman but they will still finish 7th-9th again



played awful football and lost the players

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Thomas Tuchel on shortlist but there are others

Get 2, sorry, 4 years experience in the Premier League with Southampton and then North London poaches another top manager from them. :giroud3:

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Highly rated isn’t he?

Mauricio Pochettino +
Manuel Pellegrini =
Mauricio Pellegrino


The former Alavés manager?

Not gonna lie, I saw the thumbnail preview in Calum’s post, and thought Pellegrini was coming back to the Premier League :see_no_evil:

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Southampton and Watford, between them, have had almost more managers in the last couple of seasons than we have had in over half a century.
Although they still seem to be doing ok.

Pathetic club, one of the many who only put in an effort against us. Good riddance in the Championship.

Maybe it’s the fact that we are shit and play shit tactics? :wink:

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