Southampton vs Arsenal (Premier League)

Southampton vs Arsenal
Premier League
Sunday, 13 30
Live on Sky Sports PL


  • Saints win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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We have a weird record away to Southampton in recent years. They need a win in their battle to beat the drop zone, wheres we need to keep up the momemtum in the tight battle for the Champions League places.

We’ll have to see if new manager syndrome works for them or not. I think we’ve got enough to hopefully sneak a win. The next few games are pretty favourable to us, so I think we really need to come away with a win in this one. I’ll go for 2-1 Arsenal.

Oliver Giroud scored his last goal for Arsenal in this fixture in December 2017

If Vestergaard and Højbjerg starts its 4-0 to the Arsenal.

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3 1 win. Rested up after last weeks average effort. Boys be up for this one and they dont have much.


You gonna take that? Fite him 1v1 on the streets of Copenhagen


What is wrong with the away top ffs why do we keep wearing the dentist top :joy:

Come to Jylland brother ima smack ur sorry ass to pieces. It then will get livestreamed on OA and i will get Mod. Aaah life is great.


I’m going to say Arsenal win, but won’t suprise me at all if we drop points. 1-2 to the Arsenal.

6-0 Arsenal.

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Either a draw or a loss now. I hate this shirt.

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I wonder what will happen first, one of these 6-0 predictions to happen, or the original 6-0 predictioner Eddy to return? :smiley:

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Medleys apparently traveled with the team here is his induction song

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Probably why he has travelled.

In other news, there is a game today.

Yeah what’s up with people not caring about our matches? :grinning:

They are bored of winning.

When we lose later today the place will be flooded, i promise :smiley:


Not liking the fact all our defenders are out. This has just turned into a tricky tie.