Southampton v Arsenal (PL)


I think you mean “swarm” no shit talk just helpin a brothers English out.

I don’t think it’s lack of balls, Wenger is probably just not ruthless enough. Wenger is a man of honor and he probably expects a player to perform to their best ability and act like a professional while under contract. If he’s mailing it in that’s pretty sad behavior on Alexis’ part. You shouldn’t be letting the team down because of your own selfish reasons.


Yeah in this I kind of defend AW - he was damned if you do (“sold him just like RVP - just grubbing after money”) and damned if you don’t (“should have sold the sob, he doesn’t even care about us”)…

It was always the problem that we let it get to 1 year left and he was so vital to our team, combined with Ozil - we needed more good players to reduce reliance on him and also encourage him by competing more aggressively. Imagine if we had a Salah right now - we would be doing better and less concerned if Sanchez leaves. Fact is, we are f*d going into next summer with a pile of work to do and 2 key players likely leaving.


Yes our teansfer policies have let us down mightily. Shoulda FIFA’d it and sold him for 50m and bought Salah or someone to replace him.

I floated this scenario out there last week and the more time that passes, I think it might be plausible. Sanchez has a big offer on the table from us, but if he continues to play poorly teams might offer less and he’ll have that fat contract from us sitting on the table. City are running away with the league they clearly don’t need him, and there aren’t many teams in the world who can offer what we can. He might just resign regardless.


Nah - kept him and added Salah (or one of the other 3 I have mentioned earlier)… we have plenty of dry powder and now the market has passed us by and we will go into next year likely with a squad looking outside of the top 4.


I wasn’t expecting

Players like Wilshere, Iwobi, Giroud, Debuchy, Chambers, Holding and Walcott deserve to be involved.


Ahah! She just can’t do anything right :poldi: