Southampton v Arsenal (PL)


They aren’t that good this year and they aren’t as organized either. I reckon it won’t be cakewalk as it is away and we are terrible away this year, but I think we will win the 3 points, in the end rather comfortably after an edgy 45-60 minutes.


Don’t go full WKB. It doesn’t bring us good luck :wink:


Easy. 3-1


I missed your shit predictions. Now watch us drawing.


C’mon Arsenal! Don’t let us down!


Is the match still on, guys and gals?

Don’t know what the weathers like down south


I’m about 20 miles from Southampton atm- just a bit of wind and rain. Only grim oop North.


I’m in E.Anglia and it’s like the Arctic, so it’s definitely not contained to the north of England.

Then again, everything is north of Southampton :slight_smile:


Thank Gawd. I decided to stay in today to watch the match.

Today was meant to be the day i started lifting at the gym. What a crying shame


Can we do it on bitterly cold early Sunday afternoon in Southampton? :wink:


Except them soft Isle of Wight bastards


Walking…on the M25!!! :eyes:


At least if we lose today we have an excuse of snow :grinning:


“You know, it is never easy to play in the snow. Southampton who are a very physical team took advantage of it” :wink:


Expected team.


Give us Wilshere damn it.


Where is Walcock? :mustafi: :thinking:


Walcott not even on the bench fucking love it :joy:

Yes Arsene!!


We have no defenders on the bench lol


Strongest team bar Mert maybe