Southampton Thread


Still don’t change the fact it’s their cup final. Cunts like Stoke.


I mean, it’s not even remotely true. Southampton were fucking shite against us.


I see I’m way behind here from the other fixtures thread.


Was always going to happen after he slagged off their own players.

They’re surely going down with West Brom, two established Prem clubs gone with one fell swoop


Should have never got rid of Puel who did so well for them.


Mark Hughes? Really?


I was just about to suggest they get Hughes, but as a joke, and they actually are interested in him.

If not him, why not go fo Pulis or Allardyce?

The lack of imagination, and how the same uninspiring managers keep getting jobs at PL clubs is amazing.

I’d be fascinated to know why any club owner would think Hughes would be a great choice.

What has he ever done at any club for anyone to think he could do a decent job at Southampton?


So they can do down easily :wink: