Sorry if my opinion offended

Deleting a thread because the topic is uncomfortable is a bit childish.
As big a club as Arsenal is, and it is a big club, no club can ever be seen as a giant of the game until it wins the Champions League.
It annoys me that people keep calling Leeds a “huge” club. That is a joke. They have won very little and spent most of their existence (l think) playing in the lower divisions of English football.
Leeds is not a huge club, and although Arsenal is much bigger, neither are you.
Arsenal has to win the CL which, paradoxically, might be easier than winning the league in England, which is tough. Finish in the top 4 and with a good team, who knows?
If Spurs can get to a final anything is possible…
You have to win the Champions League… some how.
Until then, I guess the FA Cup will do.

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Yeah I agree with a lot of what you say, I know you’re trolling on here but you do make some valid points.

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I think the OA mods are a bunch small dicking fascists. It’s time Arsenal realised how small time we are and let members from other teams forums come and tell us what a joke we are.

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Is loswankos a Gooner?