Soccer Aid

Watching it and that was a decent pass from Olly Murs to assist Bent.

Mo Farah can’t play for shit. It’s hilarious when he gets the ball.

The celebs putting the assists in. Now ‘reality’ tv ‘star’ Mark Wright with a nice cross.

Is it even Soccer Aid without Jonathan Wilkes?!

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And no Sergio Kasabiano, what is this shit?

@Persona going full Luca and posting videos of the goals haha nice

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I used to post all the goals and then he started. :bellerin::laca:


Haha so you did! I remember you doing it then luca trode all over your turf and took your job :wink:

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Luca does it better :wink:


Yeah, well, Friends is shit.

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Rangers should have signed him

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