So, which agent has mugged United off more?

Jorge Mendes:

Radamel Falcao - £20-24 million for a season long loan, where the majority of the money was given to Mendes. Left after a season where he flopped hard after his ACL injury.

Angel Di Maria - £64 million aroundabouts and again left after 1 season, failing to settle in Manchester. Having his home burgled. To be fair, they did recuperate £44 million from his sale to PSG.

Anderson and Nani too. Had very inconsistent careers but had their moments.

Bebe -

Jose Mourinho - just arrived, lets see how this one goes.

Ronaldo - Of course he done them a proper solid by giving them Ronaldo when we were about to sign him making Wenger resolve never to deal with Mendes again. Obviously Mendes didn’t mug them off in this case but I’m including all his dealings with United.

David de Gea - done very well since arriving but we all remember the fax machine fiasco of 2015.


Mino Raiola

Zlatan Ibrahimovic - on about £250k a week at United after signing on a free.

Paul Pogba - Most expensive player ever, signing for £89 million, a few years after leaving United on a free. Performances have not really justified the fee, and some say Raiola himself got almost a third of the fee.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan - Apparently crying himself to sleep these days because he has come to United for a decent fee but hefty hefty wages and is’t even in the squad. I was giving Mou the benefit of the doubt here because he was injured and even he couldn’t play somebody as talented as Henrikh but what gives now?


What do you guys think?

I made this thread to point out that Manchester United’s (Ed Woodward) recent whoring to these sleazebags is very dangerous imo, and they must be loving life now they got an undeserved in with the club, pillaging its massive coffers of cash repeatedly and relentlessly.

Real Madrid find it uncomfortable to deal with Mendes now too, and when contract talks for a declining Ronaldo begin it will be interesting to see what will happen. SAF boycotted Raiola after the Pogba stuff too. But now United are back to dealing with him…

What say yous? also if I missed any of their clients at United out lemme know!

Let’s be honest the major architect of post SAF United troubles is SAF himself. He could have left the club in a much better condition


The supposedly bad way in which he left United behind is being overexaggereted imo. There is NO WAY that squad should have finished 7th.

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Who basically hand picked the manager who lead them there?

Yep, he was capable of winning the title with an average side so credit to him, but he left nothing to work on for the future.

finishing 7th was too much but that squad was quite old.
SAF is partly responsible for leaving a disjointed squad wherein there were no good mid 20s players; either inexperienced young ones or loads of old guys.
It was okay to have that combination till old guys were performing but Vidic, Evra & Ferdinand just reached their shelf life. Their replacement Jones, Smalling, Evans were just not ready.
Midfield was fucked when Ferguson was already active with him losing Pogba in the process.
Plus the Rooney dilemma.
Persie & De Gea were only world class players but Persie was bought in under the pretence that Ferguson will not retire.
This is not hindsight. United’s issues were quite clear

That said, Moyes could have plugged all those holes with United’s financial pull.
It was Woodward who fucked it all up.
Going after unrealistic targets for 2-3 seasons straight, trying to make a big statement and all.
His courting of Fabregas & Alcantara lead to failure in signing Herrera & ending up with Felliaini; didn’t improve their midfield.

Ed Woodward continued that with Van Gaal as well, going after Neymar, Muller & what not.

So it is combination of Ferguson leaving too much work for his successor & Woodward getting into dick waving contest.

How has Cristiano Ronaldo mugged them off in the slightest? He made them an astronomical profit, won them major trophies, and increased the stature of the club.

No one would like to talk shit about Cristina and Utd more than me but in no way can you say he’s mugged them off…


You’re not really good in this “reading” thing are you?


I know, that’s why I didn’t say he had. I mentioned he was a case where Mendes had actually helped United rather than hurt them, just for full posterity. But I’ll modify the post to clarify what I meant.

Also, lads I would love to know what you guys think of the topic at hand, because we and I myself have talked about SAF being a cause of United’s issues many a time. But imo this is a different issue. Even on other clubs as the might of Real Madrid and Barcelona and the like are also having to bend over for these agents now.

Only maybe Bayern for example are okay but that i because they have their own different profitable recruiting methods.

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Sorry about that @Electrifying , i was confused by the format of the post.

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cup final 79 3-2 Alan Sunderland
1-0 At OT Marc Overmars 97/8 Alex Manninger great saves.
2003 Win the league at OT WILTORD.
Theve done us more but theyve never won the league at ours .

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SAF arrived at United. Made them one of the biggest and most successful clubs in history and then left. What more could he have done!?

Ferguson left them with an old squad, with first team players leaving, no good young players coming through, and then hand picked Moyes to take over.
For any supporter of opposition clubs, these were the best decisions Ferguson could have made.

He didn’t want another manager coming in and having the success he did, and he left them in a ream mess.

What’s your basis for saying this? It’s not like he sailed off into the sunset never to be heard from again. He’s become a director of the club and we tend to get a glimpse of him at most of their home games as well as some of their away games. It seems pretty clear to me that he still gives a fuck about the fortunes of united. In any case it still isn’t his fault if he was allowed choose the next manager. He alone didn’t sanction it and if the board had said no that would have been that.

@Electrifying in regards to the question posed i think it’s probably too early to tell given that Raiolas involvement has really only just begun.


Imagine what it must be like, seeing you successors struggling to achieve anything, knowing all the supporters in the stadium still thinking your the greatest manager.
He loves it.

The reason he bought RVP was to win the PL, it wasn’t for the benefit of the club, because he was well aware of RVP’s injury record and his age.
Most of his experienced defenders including, Ferdinand, Evra, Vidic, Rafael were going to leave and other experienced players like Giggs, Scholes, Carrick and RVP were either going to leave or were too old for a top club, and there were no young players coming through, so when he left, they were in a real mess.

He knew what he was doing, and there is no way he was going to hand the next manager a team full of younger players that could challenge for the PL.

He left Moyes with a poor defence, no decent midfielders and a striker who was only going to be any good for him to win the title.

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Or maybe he really left because of personal reasons and thought the team he had in his last season would be able to perform for a longer time. After being at the top of the game for such a long time a manager like SAF may have developed a different perception of what is needed to win the league and stay successful.

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He would have stayed on but his wife’s twin sister died and he wanted to support his wife.

‘I definitely would have carried on,’ Ferguson told the Daily Telegraph.

'I saw she (his wife) was watching television one night, and she looked up at the ceiling. I knew she was isolated. Her and Bridget were twins, you know?


Exactly. It’s really not a case of him thinking: “Oh yea, I’m going to boost my ego by making sure that my successor will never achieve anything great”.

Basically you have no idea if any of that is true.

It always struck me that what Ferguson cared most about was that his team won, however that happened. His position as Uniteds greatest ever manager is sealed for eternity. Some sort of Guardiola/Klopp/Mourinho/Ancelloti hybrid could have taken over and that wouldnt have changed so I really dont buy the line of thought that he picked someone he knew would fail just so he could get some extra glory.