Sky sports has become a source of negativity and poor punditry?

Is it just me or has anyone else realized that G Neville and J Carragher have too much control of the narrative in the UK around premier league football.
All week leading up to the Arsenal v Liverpool match (04.02.24) I read review after review of how,
Liverpool are on top form, 1 loss all season in the league and running for a quad (albeit Europa league).
On the day of the match I watched the pundits including are two main men, discuss how.

  1. Arsenal will need to be perfect to beat this Liverpool team.
  2. Liverpool were fantastic against Chelsea in midweek discussing their form going into match.
  3. If arsenal lose they are out of title race.
  4. Liverpool win and they make big statement.
    This continues on as it has done all week praising Liverpool, their manager and all their players. Van Djik the best CB and Alison the best GK.
    Fast forward Arsenal played Liverpool off the pitch in every area, comfortably beating them 3-1. At this point I awaited the same comments Liverpool received before the match, and instead what we were treated with (Sky sports customers) was,
  5. Liverpool didn’t turn up (yet they were on this amazing form)
  6. Arsenal over celebrate, no need blah blah.
  7. Arteta can get no more out of this team.
    Point 7 came from Mr G Neville (lets not forgot Gary made this same statement two years ago after finishing 5th), so yes folks 22 year old Saka, 22 year old Martinelli, 22 year old Saliba, 23 year old Rice….shall I go on. All these young talented footballers should stop now as Gary doesn’t see them improving or growing!
    Forgetting Sky and how poor of a broadcaster they have become in all sports more so boxing and football, forget that they allow a man of great morals (really) Carragher too make biased, negative remarks each week which will contribute to managers job safety, players mentality and fans targeted.

This same Carragher also advised the UK on live TV that Arsenal would not win the league with Ramsdale in nets, a young English GK who proved last year how good he was just dismissed so blatantly and with no care. (Someone ask Jamie how he would know this since he has never won a league title)
I woke up the day after the match, went online to read about how good my team were and bask in the glory we so rarely receive and instead I find the Narrative is around player celebration! At one point an article where Martin Odegaard had to defend his decision to take a picture of the Arsenal Photographer.
Sky allow this too happen week in week out, these two ‘Pundits’ if you could them that control a concerning amount of narrative in the UK media. This needs reigned in, sky need to show some class and end this hate towards other teams (mainly Arsenal) for their customers are supporter of these teams.

I would advise that all gooners take a stand and cancel their sky citing reasons as those two hateful Pundits you employ.

I know this wont happen and I understand of course, but until something is done these two money driven individuals will continue to disperse their unwanted hateful criticisms to the UK public.


in the end, it is your/people’s choice to watch/listen to them or not.

This is a good suggestion, but there are also a lot of people loving it, especially non-Arsenal fans.

As the comment suggests this is not a choice, its a choice to watch Sky yes and hear their nonsence live. But when checking latest news the following day 8/10 articles were on the celebrations. So its in multiple channels this reflects, talk sports mentioned this also. Fair play to Danny Murphy on BBC MOTD who spoke solely about how arsenal played. Glowingly praised them in every area. Unlike Mrs Carragher

Too many shit happens around this world.
You need to filter the news and read the ones that have nutrients.

They have the right to speak and you have the right to not follow/listen.

Neville and Carragher are just like AFTV in the past.
They either have rabies, or take drugs before comment.
Their job is to get attention and reaction and clicks.

We know why they are attacking Arsenal, and we know exactly why they are doing all these.

There’s nothing remarkably different or exceptionally poor about Sky coverage. Standards are through the floor across the industry.

I find BBC coverage far more loathsome with the likes of Linekar, Shearer and Murphy.

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Well actually it’s not, it’s the only channel the match is on so we get no choice.

Pre/post match you can argue but I’d say as annoying as they are I like to watch it after the game for a bit of the discussion and Arteta’s presser regardless.

for that, I don’t know, sorry.
but I would mute the sound if I don’t like the commentator myself.

ITV has almost always been better in terms of those “fronting” the programme

Watching the likes of Neville and Carragher grow into miserable old cunts over the years makes me feel old.

They taught us how to behave and act appropriate as an aging person.

We can be proud of ourselves, but don’t let our pride blocking us to learn new ideas and face the new world.