Silent Stan or Usmanov?

The main problem I have with Stan at the current juncture is how it appears that his distance and lack of interest mean that there is no accountability for management at Arsenal, by which I mean not just Wenger but also Gazidis, who has done his best ghost imitation for most of this season. Without direction from the top, our club is at best adrift and at worst in free-fall. In all honesty if Stan is just hesitant to dislodge Wenger, that is to some extent understandable, and I do wonder if his ownership might be seen more favourably if a new manager is brought in and succeeds. Perhaps with someone new in the job, Korenke and his cronies would feel they have enough clout to dictate terms. I don’t think financial restrictions are as much a limiting factor as before, so an Usmanov takeover wouldn’t be as revolutionary as it may have been say 5 or 6 years back. That said, I’m so sick of the sameness at the club that any kind of change in how things are going, whether on the pitch (with the back 3), whether the manager, and now I guess even change’s in ownership are all things I now have an appetite for.

Next offer: £2,000,000,001