Shkodran Mustafi (We got himmmm!)


Would be very happy with this


Same, great player.


Do it


Don’t really see much Valencia, is he a leader?


He’s a German international with very good experience.



Nothing rumour. Just more click bait for desperate Arsenal fans


If click baits were trophies we would be winners of everything !


Original source for this is apparently @EmaGiulianelli, who claims we’ve been meeting with Mustafi’s handlers.


Ok, it’s a fake rumor.


Please be true.


For what it’s worth there are rumours today that Schär (Hoffenheim) is going to join Valencia.
Never heard of the source though (it was some Spanish newspaper being quoted).
Signing Mustafi would make too much sense to actually happen :expressionless:


Again Im liking this name , as a man who walked the earth when dinosaurs and Peter Storey trod the planet I have no idea who he is but its a great name !


If it is a rumor, ignore it.
If it is true, Wenger please do it. No way we can challenge anything with Chambers and Holding to start or supporting the aging Per and Kos.


Do itttttt


Apparently he’s available for €25m





I’ll put what I put in the Per thread. We’re never going to pay over 15 million for a defender.


We just paid 35 million for a defensive midfielder.


Reading. Do it for life.