Anyone been watching the just concluded season 4?

Massively over the top, entirely unbelievable but hugely suspenseful and enjoyable television. The 90 minutes of the finale tonight felt like absolute hours.

Enjoyed first episode, think it’s been shit apart from that.

A reminder of what an absolutely preposterous piece of shit this overrated pile of garbage is. Felt like nine hours of having your brain rubbed with a belt sander.


I enjoyed episode 1 & 2, it was more like the better stuff from early seasons when it was really good. The finale though was possibly the worst thing I’ve ever endured on screen - a sort of weird mix between Jesus, Doctor Who, Doctor Evil and MTV.

We still don’t actually know how Sherlock survived the jump do we?

I enjoyed the first two series.

I find it almost unbearable now.

Loved it, got better and better for me…

Great storytelling, brilliantly portrayed, top class stuff…