Sheffield United

How did we not have a Sheff U thread before this?

Even their name sounds like a sweary “go away”

Think these were one of the teams who really missed the fans being at the game.
Granted they where always going to struggle but it seemed instant with them.


Yeah pre the covid suspension in March they were remarkably fighting for a EL place and in a cup QF.

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They were like this last season only difference was they had a rock solid defence

I’d say

Sheff Utd

Have missed them the most from the top flight.

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Celtic did in Scotland as well.

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Looks like it was a mutual parting of ways and not a sacking

Paul Heckingbottom’s CV reads as getting sacked at Leeds and Hibernian…I don’t get it.

And on the flip side, West Ham probably the team that haven’t missed their fans the most :grin:

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The owner of Sheff United on Wilder’s resignation. 2 minute video in the link.

A fucking member of a Royal family hinting at the indignation of entitlement. Go fuck yourself.


Plenty of quotes on 365. If you wish to view all 29 minutes of the interview, you merely need to scroll down as the video is embedded.

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He was far enough away to just leave these dickheads behind.
Daft too go back and possibly dangerous fronting up.

That accent alone would wind me up

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If Neanderthal was an accent, that bloke was speaking it.