Sheffield United vs Arsenal (PL) 0-6

Sheffield United vs Arsenal

:stadium: Bramall Lane
:calendar: Monday 2024-03-04T20:00:00Z
:soccer: Premier League
:tv: Sky Sports


  • Sheffield win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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83-0 to Arsenal.


Another big win methinks…



Think this will be the same as our games against Newcastle and West Ham, might be a bit of time to break them down but once we get a goal we could be looking at 4+ goals again. Need to just go and slap the fuck out of them.

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Dunno why but i feel they will score a flash in the pan worldie to take our clean sheet. I can see us (if we play like we did with newcastle) scoring another 5 again.

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Starting to hate these late KOs(close to 2 am local time for me), that too in consecutive games no less ffs

I like that. Those aren’t rookie numbers.


Are we calling Cedric a recognised defender now? :rofl:

Very happy this is on a Monday otherwise I would be missing my second consecutive Arsenal game. Off to Dusseldorf for the weekend on Friday. My first time in Germany! :de:


Potential slip up. The predicted result is too obvious and unexpected results do happen in this league. Treat this one like any game. Control and focus.

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Good timing we have a nasty 7 days before the international break.

We play Brentford on Saturday, Porto on Tuesday and then Chelsea on Saturday again.

How come they could move the Brentford game to Friday ffs? We’re playing Sheffield United on Monday anyway.

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Doubt we play Chelsea on the Saturday, but we shall see.

Wouldn’t be surprised if complacency leads to a major upset, and Sheffield Utd nick a flukey goal to snatch all three points. Honestly, they’re so bad we’ll be stat padding our goal difference to astronomical levels. Which is why I’m once again predicting a draw.


Definitely not how it works haha

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We need to go there, stay professional, and give them a spanking!

Can’t see us being complacent here. Comfortable win.

Addicted to that GD hit every weekend now. Next two Sheffield and Brentford