Serie A

Should be 3 against Roma but got counted as an own goal.

He’s a decent play but certainly not a world beater in my eyes.

More clubs should have certainly been after him on a free last summer.

I actually thought he was a no-brainer for Milan but Inter got him instead.

He was a no brainier for Arsenal who needed a player who could play strike as well as wings.
He is not world-class but for free, he is an excellent acquisition

Likely but I presume he was eyeing a starting role.

Chelsea were linked with him as well, should have got him instead of Jackson.

Our wingers were not established last season.

Well anyway, he made a good career choice since his stock is high and he is winning the Scudetto

Thuram only moved to Inter at the start of this season?

Ah my bad, tired today.

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Another Scudetto decided well in advance. Juve have ran out of steam and Inter now 9 points clear with a game in hand.

Top 4 more or less confirmed as well for me. Inter, Juve, Milan and one of Atalanta or Bologna claiming 4th.
Napoli have lost too much ground, probably looking at EL spot at best, and even that is tight with Roma, Lazio, Fiorentina and Torino in the mix.

Bit disappointed with Serie A this season. Inter has been the only decent team. Everyone else has been shit. At least when Napoli was clear last season the battle just below was a bit more fierce. Milan have been going through the motions for months now and Juve will now join them too as they’re both too far behind Inter and have a good from 4th.

been disappointed with serie A for a decade, prolly since Allegri took Juve the first season or so.

I feel like these things (league power) goes in cycles tho, waiting for Serie A to find a new formula or reinvent themselves or something, it’ll happen eventually.

Serie(l) headloss.

Dusan > Osimhein.

I want him

Not sure if it’s just a purple patch but he does seem to have turned the corner… Definitely worth a punt over Osimhen.

Would much rather Osimhen. Vlahovic is good though.

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I didn’t realize Inter won the title in front of Milan fans…ouch

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There’s no better feeling than going to your rivals ground and winning it in their backyard

This is more like winning an argument with a roommate.