Serie A Thread


Roma up at HT against Cagliari.

Roma win and are almost qualified to the Champions League.



The Coppa Italia final takes place today. Got a sneaky feeling Milan will beat Juventus.


Hope so. But Milan are just really really shit these days.

Btw, heard Allegri wants Bonaventura ffs :arteta:


At Arsenal? :mustafi:


Milan were doing alright until we came along and killed them


Nah for Juve.

Imagine replacing Marchisio with Bonaventura

Lol they’re like brothers


Lol! A clear sign Max wants to stay at Juventus :santi:


Tbh they can keep him if that’s the kind of signing he’d bring here lol


He’s actually a good player lol


Am I wrong in thinking that the Coppa Italia used to be two legs?

And why the hell do Sky have this and not BT haha


Not really a great game so far.


Coppa is separate rights. Sky have had it for a good few years now haha


Ah fair enough haha. I’ve never seen it on there to be honest! Although I think they did the same with the Spanish cup, they only showed the final for that too!


Think its more than the final. They show from January every year. So what round would that be?


0-0 at HT. Boring.
Nice save on Dybala by Donnarumma.


Yeah I think you’re right actually haha. Although they put most on the red button!


Benatia! Nice header from a corner!

LOLLLLLLLLL! Milan’s collapse is complete! 3-0!

2-0. Donnarumma :facepalm:

3-0. Donnarumma again :rofl:


3-0 Juve

Called it :sunglasses:


I am not good at predictions :xhaka: