Serie A Thread


Torino-Inter, Napoli-Chievo, Udinese-Lazio and Milan-Sassuolo today.


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End-to-end game in Inter-Torino so far.
Nice save from Sirigu now.
Sirigu keeping Torino in the game.
Perisic hits the bar now! Inter should really be 2 goals up at least.
Of coyurse, after wasting so many chances, Torino take the lead.

Disallowed goal for Torino now.
1-0 Torino at HT. Inter have dominated, but couldn’t find a way through.


Haha Belotti went mental. They’re winning and he was still screaming at his team mate for not making the run.

To be fair, he does need better team mates. He’s too good for this lot.


Inter not looking good in this second half.
Rafinha on for Inter.
If Perisic and Icardi don’t score Inter are pretty fucked.
Finally a chance for Inter with Karamoh. His shot is just wide.
Inter lose lol! :facepalm:


Napoli 0-0 at HT, while Crotone and Verona win.

1-0 Verona

1-0 Crotone

Mertens just missed a penalty for Napoli.
1-0 Chievo. Napoli have officially given up.

Milik scores his first goal for Napoli in a long time.

2-1 Napoli! What a turnaround in just few minutes!


Lazio 2-1 up at HT against Udinese.

1-0 Udinese

1-1 Lazio

2-1 Lazio

2-1 Lazio FT. They are back in 4th.


Milan 0-0 at HT against Sassuolo. Shower of shit. Milan didn’t create anything.


The first chance of the game is for Sassuolo lol! Two players not understanding each other and failing to head the ball.
Another chance for Sassuolo, but the shot is straight at the keeper!
Third chance of this second half for Sassuolo! Milan have been bloody awful.
1-0 Sassuolo! It was coming.

Chances after chances for Sassuolo! Milan are back to their bloody awful form of the first part of the season.
Kalinic ahahah! Easy chance to score here.
Kalinic doesn’t miss it now. Nice goal.
1-1 FT. Milan were bloody damn awful and didn’t deserve to draw.


Pretty incredible that Donnarumma has 100 Serie A appearances already and he’s still a teenager! He’s also killed the last remaining title race in Europe :roll_eyes:


Tight battle for the final 2 CL spots between Inter, Roma & Lazio.


Bit weird this tbf


why? Is Instagram gonna be a sponsor for them? If not it is just another thing to play into players vanity.


“You’re shit… right that’s it”

Logs on to Instagram to send abuse player’s way


Of course it’s fucking inter


Haha Lazio and Fiorentina both down to 10 men within the first 15 minutes, not at the same time. Not watching but doesn’t seem very friendly.


The Fiorentina Lazio game was terrific! Just wish Fiorentina had gotten the win – really want them in Europe! On the plus side, Lazio fans managed to contain their anti-semitism and didn’t sing about Anne Frank tonight… every cloud…

Nice to see the title race reignited too. Big Walter Zenga doing the world a favour. Always liked him :sunglasses:

At least Juventus v Napoli this weekend will be more of a thigh rubber now!


Lazio are a very exciting team to watch, score lots of goals but leak a fair few defensively.


Inzaghi is a good manager and someone Milan should be considering in the summer.