Serie A Thread


Douglas Costa on for Lichtsteiner. Allegri wants to win it.


Silva :gabriel:


Calhanoglou hits the bar!

With a strike like the one he scored against us


Calhanoglu hits the bar! We know he can strike in this way, as we saw two weeks ago :mustafi:


lol jinx @Luca_from_Italy

But being serious, Real Madrid are going to eat this Juventus team up midweek


Think so. Milan have been better overall.


Imagine wanting to be champions and small dicking to this Milan at home.


Juventus are always like this in the league: they do the minimum and they win most of the games. The problem is that this Milan’s side play with fire inside. Gattuso has done an oustanding work since he took over Montella.


I think Juve are better over 2 legs. They beat Real Madrid in the CL quarter finals a few years ago. And then they beat Barca over 2 legs last year. They won against Spurs despite not being that great. I don’t think this is a good match to judge them on.


No, they always play in this way in Italy.


ffs Milan’s attacking play is so shoddy.

Defence as good as anyone (Minus rodriguez) but Biglia, Bonaventura, (granted he has been good recently) even Suso make me want to gouge my eyes out.


Bonaventura way off the bar from a good position.


Don’t do that man. It hurts.


Yeah, around the time Arsenal were champions of England.


Fatty bottles it. Thanks for him it was offside.


He’s better than Icardi though :rofl:


For that bald dwarf :xhaka:


Juventus playing better now. Cuadrado change helping



Ending the title race. He was shit at Chelsea!


Indeed. He even scored the 2-1 now. Great diving header.