Serie A Thread


Yep. Top 8 all playing each other.

Serie A is decent this year.title, European places and relegation all still to play for.


:heart::heart::giroud2: :heart::heart:


That 2005 team should’ve won everything. Absolute joke of a team. I tried so hard to get one of those shirts with the black back number panel we used in champions league matches, it looked so special.


LOL! Let’s not get carried away, tbh. Still a long way to go for them.


@Gio, be kind with us. Thanks. I am italian like you!!!


Weird can De Vrij not get better than Inter?


Perhaps he wants to stay in Italy. Asamoah on a free too. Good business.

They’re not that bad of a team. 4th in Serie A.


Could go Napoli or even go Roma :joy:

I think these days a move to inter just kills your career, and I’m not just saying that as a milan fan.


No, it’s a fact. Just look a Gagliardini. From hero to zero.


It’s gonna a hell of weekend. Can’t wait! :giroud2:


So is it you can negotiate with any club from March on in Italy if your contract is due to expire?


With Liverpool looking like they’re signing Jorginho, we need to be all over this before Napoli nab Torreira.


Lazio being very dangerous on set pieces so far.
Lazio are so so good. They play really well.
Simone Inzaghi’s team are playing Juventus off the park tm.
Nice game. Juventus look better now.
Khedira deflected just wide!
0-0 at HT. Lazio have been great in the first 20 minutes, then the game have become more balanced.


Since when did Lazio chnage their badge? I was wondering what was on their shirt for a while haha


Lazio have started well again. Gigi to the rescue!


They have a different badge for their home and away shirts.


Hate the home badge shirt.


The badge and the sponsor make the shirt look 90’s as fuck.


Lazio defending now. Juventus can’t find a way through.