Serie A Thread


Allan’s goal was so easy on the eye




Napoli do this all the time. Kinda want Sarri now.


Atalanta 1-1 at HT against Fiorentina.

1-0 Fiorentina

1-1 Atalanta


How many games have Juve & Napoli won in a row ? Feels like that have been winning every week for months.


Both 9.


Atalanta 1-1 FT. Big blow for them in the race for the Europa League.


Sarri plays the best football in Europe along City. Although I prefer Napoli


Viviano has just saved Rodriguez’s penalty in Milan-Sampdoria.
Now Milan go up with Bonaventura. Really a magic moment for Gattuso’s team.

2-0 Bonucci.
Edit: disallowed by the VAR.

1-0 Milan at HT.
Milan win and are 6th now. A late push for the Champions might be possible.


Nah the top 4 will be Juventus, Napoli, Roma & Lazio I reckon.



My hero Gattuso.


Xhaka hate is relentless, his ability is questionable but he’s definitely hot


He also told Cutrone to find a girlfriend and have sex with her to relax himself lol!



Lol! This chinese has been a fraud since the beginning.


Lazio-Verona today. Big game for Lazio in the Champions League race.


“Lazio have withdrawn the proposal we made for a new contract to De Vrij,” director of sport Tare told Mediaset Premium ahead of tonight’s Serie A match with Verona.

“We are withdrawing for reasons that we will explain later on. It was a choice made after many months of negotiations, but there is also a limit to how things went.

“He has been an exemplary professional and we thank him for that as well as what he’ll do until the end of the season. He gave a lot to the club, just as we gave a great deal to him, but our paths will divide in June.


There is literally no reason we shouldn’t be all over this.


How much would he cost? 40 mil?


He’s available for free this summer.